The most powerful poem ever published by Barren Magazine

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That’s it. It is merely consequential.

Roger That


Naked hostility would be better than this bland, corporate, HR-speak termination with a smile.

It is clear that the magazine wants to celebrate art, so long as you are saying exactly what they want you to say. Dissent will be crushed.

And while they’re focussing on the “power” of poetry, it’s clear that they don’t believe in the “value” of poetry, because their magazine doesn’t pay for any work submitted to it.


Not if I have anything to do with it.


Viva La Revolution- The Adicts - YouTube

](Viva La Revolution- The Adicts - YouTube)
Into the dungeon with evil men
The people have risen we’re free again

Come out of the closet
Come out of the hole
Come out of the woodwork
Come into the fold

Rebels and fighters, a license to kill
Unite with the bandits down from the hills

Open your windows
Open your doors
Open your minds
To a freedom of thought

Viva la revolution, viva la revolution
Viva la revolution, viva la revolution

Raise our voices, raise our flag
Smash the symbols of the life we’ve had

Long live the people
Long live the scheme
Long live our hopes
Long live the dream

Dance in the streets at the carnival
Celebrate the victory now
Drink the wine from the rich man’s cask
This revolution won’t be the last

Viva la revolution, viva la revolution
Viva la revolution, viva la revolution


Winner winner chicken dinner!


The only poems that I can relate to contain the word “Nantucket.”


I am not a poet, and am thus completely incapable of writing the rude limerick this situation deserves, which would in fact prove the societal value of poetry, or at least limericks, for popping the egos of pompous assholes like Mr Ramsay.

I pray that someone in the Boing Boing community will deliver said limerick.


Beschizza’s review of Ramsay’s most noted poem “You’re Fired” overlooks one important element: the complete lack of rhythmic & social tonality that Ramsay fails to achieve despite his desperate attempts to appeal to an audience that, for better or worse, is not listening. Thus, Beschizza over-values the contribution (if any) Ramsay makes to poetic discourse and awards Ramsay two stars when, in fact, he deserves perhaps a half-star for at least managing to spell correctly while tweeting out his corporate-sludge-cum-activist-stance.


J. D. Ramsay is clearly a jackass, but Danielle Rose didn’t make a great point either.


turn up max GIF by SoulPancake


Most human poetry is indistinguishable from Vogon poetry.

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There once was a chieftain at Barren
Who fired his staff just for carin’
She challenged his world
His pretensions unfurled
But still failed to hold her hard truth in


You mean Vulcan, surely.


So they only publish free verse?


She’s not wrong. We study poetry in school to supposedly learn to appreciate it, but it falls by the wayside for most people. I mean, I like poetry well enough, but in thinking about it I had to search to find the name Amanda Gorman. Maybe I’m in the minority due to a bad memory, but can the rest of you recall who she is without a web search?


Well done on the requested rude limericks.
I would uphold that the consequential loss of the responsibility for poetry as a result of an opinion which renders poetry powerless is fair and balanced; for Poetry is a very powerful tool of the human family.
Poetry written
Poetry spoken
Poetry in motion

A Poem Without Words
A poem without words is not empty,
Tears and emotions
Images and visions earmarking events,
Capturing the, ‘inexplicable with intelligent thought’
Experiences of our collective humanness.
Show a poem without words
Share a poem without words
I craft and create
Stack the visual against my concept
Against my idea, like a ladder to reach its peak
A poem without words
Words without words
Can the voice be heard without the word
Guns without words
Words without Guns
Guns without words
Words without guns
Words do not need guns for power
Words do not needs guns
Words without guns are powerful words.
Guns without words without words
Guns without words are cowardly, guns without words are cowardly.
Words require courage
A poem without words requires courage
Guns require little
Require checks, balance the checks, cause pause to reflect on the checks.
Words do not need guns
Guns defy words
Words like, thou shalt not kill
Words do not need guns
The pen, mighty than the sword, the tongue of the ready writer, the weapon of the Lord
A poem without words.
A poem without words, calls for a world without guns.
A poem without words calls for a world without guns.
A poem without words is not empty,
A poem without words requires courage.


Perhaps Barren Magazine should enter an interdisciplinary collaboration with the American Society of Rheology, or that of an adjacent discipline, to better characterize the properties of the truths they actually wish to deal in. Some expertise on complex liquids and deformable soft solids would appear to be quite useful.

Although I’m not particularly a fan of Bob Dylan, I think the decision to give him the literature Nobel made sense because to the vast majority of people today song lyrics are the poetry that matters. People can moan about how it was better in the Victorian era or whatever, but that’s just how modern society functions. Most people, even those who enjoy reading, don’t read poetry for enjoyment today.