The most satisfying video in the world


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Just wait until OSHA sees this!

Next up: followup post with the X-ray image after he’s a little too slow unloading that can crusher.



What? The very first can in the preview falling off all wrong was deeply unsatisfying. Sorry.


I could watch @noahdjango’s tear gas hackey shot until somewhere near the point of heat-death of the universe.


There are two types of people in the world: those who are satisfied by a 5-minute mashup of machinery, and They Who Have Seen the 1-Hour Bob Ross Instructional Video.


I forgot to note that all of those .gifs were saved over the years from right here on BB. the one in question is only a couple days old.

and, I forgot one:


That’s how a rat king is formed, right?


Just watching the video, and right at the end, BAM, Excitebike. Haven’t thought about that in years.
Also, it was missing rainbow bagels.


Needs more marbles! I could watch marbles all damn day.


The guy in that clip must hate his job…it’s soda-pressing.


[quote=“telecinese, post:4, topic:73762, full:true”]
What? The very first can in the preview falling off all wrong was deeply unsatisfying.[/quote]
I wanted to see all the crushed soda cans self-eject and stack themselves in a bin. Seeing the second and subsequent cans require manual unloading was unsatisfying.

Here’s a functional design:



For some reason when I first glanced at the title I saw the word “terrifying” instead of “satisfying”. But that just speaks to my own psychosis I guess.


I could watch the taffy pulling machine for hours. The carrot harvesting was pretty cool


Darn, was hoping for the death throes of Scalia.
Too soon?


I found it unsatsfying. Most of the clips didn’t include the conclusion of the task. And they were all miserably short, at that.


[quote=“markstephan, post:15, topic:73762, full:true”]
I could watch the taffy pulling machine for hours.[/quote]
There is a recurring taffy-pulling scene in Tati’s Mr. Hulot’s Holiday you might enjoy. (Likewise, there is a tubing-extrusion scene in Mon Oncle that could have fit in here. In fact, pretty much any Tati movie, up until the last manic 15 minutes, are relaxing in the sense of this video.)


Some pretty good clips in there, but what I liked most was the awesome VHS-core music and the fact that it led me to discover stuff like this on Bandcamp:


I have a new windows “working” mouse pointer now.