The Murder She Wrote script formula

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Ever see that episode of “Hogan’s Heroes” where they fool Colonel Klink, and Sgt. Schultz “knows nothing” about it?


As I have mentioned before and possibly even tweeted…Jessica is the actual ANGEL OF DEATH. If you see her you need to immediately run the other way as someone is going to die.


My grouchy grandfather’s true witnessed last words before dying of a stroke (after seeing a TV add for Murder She Wrote).
“I’ve had about enough of that woman.”


You are seriously freaking me out, I thought the angel of death was only an inside joke in my family because of the thing with my grandfather


I kept expecting the last episode to be a reveal where we learn Jessica is a serial killer who uses her writing skills to frame people for her crimes.


We always said "Oh, it’s time for Murder She Wrought.


Close. Vampire.


I used to think this, but I’ve since changed my mind.

Yes, people tend to die wherever she goes, and yes, she solves the crimes with really flimsy evidence, and yes, generally people confess in front of her (and the cops). All these things point to her being a serial killer.

However, there’s an important point missing: generally, the person who is initially accused of the crime tends to be a “friend” of hers, and she has to clear that person’s name. Why should this so often be the case?

Answer: she’s not a serial killer: she works for some sort of criminal organization. Her specialty is framing innocent people for the crimes that her “friends” (other employees of the criminal organization) commit.

This also solves the problem of how she gets the criminals to confess. If she’s just a serial killer it makes no sense, but if the mob threatens their families…


Oh yes, it’s so true! My 88- (89 next week) year-old mom watched it when it first premiered, and she watches the reruns now. My son and I like to kid her about that, saying we’d never want to meet her. We’ve also tried to guess just who in the same room with Mrs. Fletcher is going to be the first to die.


This is probably not worth watching for a full hour, but give it a couple of minutes, at least:

Also, in the final episode of Monk, we learn that Monk murdered his own wife and his affliction has been elaborately staged for the entirety of the series in order to deflect suspicion.

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The discussions here reminded me of my theory that “Midsomer Murders” takes place in a pocket dimension larger than Britain where 10% of the population are murderers.


This was a very enjoyable read, even though I’ve never seen the show. Now do something I know!

Great article. I used to watch Murder She Wrote on lazy weekday evenings with the family, though by “watch” I mean “read or played games in the room in which it was playing”. I’ve recently been “watching” it on [insert streaming service] along with Columbo, which is still a delight for Falk and all the guest actors involved. Leslie Nielsen, Dick Van Dyke, Jane Greer, Nimoy & Shatner, Vera Miles, Martin Sheen, Anne Baxter, Johnny Cash, Faye Dunaway… on and on.

Also, Tom Francis is interesting. His game Gunpoint is great fun and he’s also on the podcast The Crate & Crowbar, which is always worthwhile (they just put out their 100th episode). Both linked at the top of his site.

Very Red Shirts.
Avoid the narrative at all costs!

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