The Mystery of the Red Cards


Looks like you could also do it with a dumb car, using your pinky to control the car while you slide the cards around. Show there’s nothing behind the right card. Car starts behind the left card and you drag it behind the right card as you slide the left card, then you show there’s nothing behind the left card. When sliding the left card left and back again, you bring the car from behind the right card to in front of it and then the reveal. I might try to make a reply video, if I can be dexterous enough.

First robots take the manufacturing jobs, then they take the sleight of hand magician jobs.


This is totally fake. I can tell by the pixels. The car is actually magical.


I guess my problem with “the car did it” is that it’s logically equivalent to doing it with a human – ie, the moment that you realize the car can move it loses all interest.

You blinded me? With Science!

Ok, so I tried it and it’s gonna take waaay more practice to make it look as slick as the motorized version, so I’m too embarrassed to put my attempts up on youtube, but pinky manipulation looks like it can get close to the effect without using a motorized car.

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