The myth of the ugly blobfish




I think he’s cute.


Darn photographers (probably TMZ) always publishing the most unflattering shots… Obviously his left hand side is his “good side”.


I, also, am more attractive at great depths and pressures. Well, by virtue of there being considerably less of me…


Glad it’s not just me noticing this. Though the whole survey was a bit odd. Seriously, what kind of freakish person doesn’t find a happy smiling axolotl to be cute?


I’ve always believed the blobfish was getting a raw deal, getting its picture taken in less than ideal circumstances, but why are we even voting on something like “the ugliest animal”?

People are free to do as they wish, but shouldn’t we reserve the responsibility of voting for something that has real relevance to our lives, like who will represent us in government, or the new color for M&Ms?


I thought he looked unhappy and exploded in that photo. Now I know why.


Kilroy Was Here


It’s extra sad when the headshot everyone uses is taken at the wrong pressure, though.

Very happy to see Schultz and Maggie helping correct this. Sometimes things on-line get echoed really fast without much thought, and it would be nice if it didn’t take the truth too long to catch up.


That’s no fish. That’s my grade six teacher.


Nonetheless, I’m not looking forward to the obligatory blob-fish side-boob.


I know: people who didn’t see the original (gah) Total Recall probably think Arnold Schwarzenegger looked normal in Earth atmosphere, the way all his pictures in the paper made him appear.


Who do you think you are, messing up a perfectly good meme like this? Get back in that lab of yours and leave the blobfish to their rightful owners - the lolcats.


I thought that the photo originally went viral not because the critter was especially ugly but because, from that angle, it looks a lot like the cartoon character Ziggy.


I suppose an artist’s impression will do, but I was really hoping they’d have an actual photo of the fish at depth. Do any exist?


The point is to draw attention to endangered species that aren’t cute. Blobfish live up to 1,200 m under the sea and look ugly when people come into contact with them, so it’s easy to ignore the fact that they (and other ugly or otherwise objectionable species like striped hyenas and vultures) are an important part of the ecosystem and should be protected.


I found this picture at the Australian Museum website.


It’s still a blob, but it’s a much happier blob.


It’s cute – kinda has a naked sea otter face…


Would not want to run into that guy in a dark alley at 1220 meters depth.