The naked hypocrisy of Game Of Thrones’ nudity

Maybe the mysterious language-using sentience named “Leigh” has a different opinion to the mysterious language-using sentience named “Caroline”


Except nobody sculpted large breasts or nipples, and penises were rather petite. Also, it gives the impression every man was ripped on a heroic scale. Apparently every guy had perfectly defined inguinal ligaments. Who were they using for models? It’s hard to find guys that buff even with modern training.

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That photo reminds me…

Why aren’t ancient representations of female genitalia more explicit?

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you… rang?


So, if Jon Snow starts using a cellphone to communicate with… whomever, that’s cool, because: dragons?


Why are you upholding the supposed “female beauty standards” of ANY era? And with a music video, no less.

Just dropping in to note that this “evidence?” request, popular as it is in abstract discussions of sexism online, tends to change the subject.

Here, rather than argue against Caroline’s premise (patriarchy and power, etc), you’re requesting that she explain it to you first. But it’s really not her job to get you up to speed on sociology.

Either you already familiar with it and it’s just a rhetorical delaying tactic, or you’re not familiar with it and should take responsibility for your own education.

As you’ve called it “100% grad-school-babble bullshit” the latter might be a good place to start.


Hodor had a full-frontal scene. They even gave him a penis prosthetic so that his member would appear longer.

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If you’d like to address the point instead of attacking me, feel free but it’s awful hypocritical to make a pointless personal attack by saying someone’s simplistic and unhelpful. It sure doesn’t advance the discussion, and it’s definitely not encouraging critical engagement.

You don’t have a solid rebuttal to the idea that this isn’t actually a sexist weird thing. (It’s not even sexist, since in the first episode we had a dude shaving his dude’s chest so leave the women’s part ouf of the body standards if you’re going to have a rational discussion).



Right. And it’s doing both openly. So neither one is exclusively its “noble public face” or its “hypocritical private face.”

It’s getting as confusing as PopeHat in here!

That’s… uh… that’s inaccurate. I’m sure. Uh…


#Hey, isn’t that Linus Torvalds over there?!!

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Certainly not much compared to the female nudity, but I remember at least a few examples of full frontal male nudity:

  • In the first episode we catch a glimpse of Theon’s wang after he finishes up with the redheaded prostitute. Spoiler: better get a good look while you can because you’re definitely not getting another chance!
  • Hodor exiting the hot springs. (Osha’s reaction: “He’s got some giant’s blood in 'im!”)
  • The guy who tried to poison Khaleesi forced to march naked with the Dothraki convoy until he collapses and is dragged to his death.

Might I suggest that THIS fine thread might proffer some pointers to publicly presented prongs?

Who said anything about proving universal or unchanging beauty standards? That’s all you. I pointed out that our modern beauty and grooming standards aren’t exclusively modern. To me it looks like you saw something that didn’t fit your narrative and attacked. Go right ahead but don’t misrepresent me when you do it.

I imagine they found models who were close to the sculptors ideal of beauty. You know, like we do now? Some women in Westeros have large breasts and some have small. Some nipples are large and some are not. Based on my research, that’s simply how people are made. Sculptors on the other hand get to sculpt people however they want so you send to see breasts that are symmetrical and pleasing to the eye.
As for the guys, take a look at the unsullied. Not a pudge in the bunch… But seriously, you get that kind of body from actual work. It’s much harder to work out and get a toned body. Go visit a construction site if you want to see guys who look like that.

yeah, the ancient Greeks must have had some issue with it but the statues still show more than the women of Westeros.

I suspect you’re being disingenuous. But just in case: I am definitely not upholding beauty standards, just pointing out that they exist and vary dramatically over history and throughout the real world. So it’s weird and conspicuous that they would not also be different in GOT, especially considering that the historical cultures you identified as being influential (medieval, roman, renaissance) all had considerably different ideals than what we see depicted in GOT.


Watching Fantasy as a critical Feminist must be exhausting.

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Ah, there’s my disingenuous daily reminder of why I’m a bad person for liking a ‘geek culture’ thing.


Remember, those are time periods and not cultures sharing the same world. It would be even more strange if a well connected world like Westeros had different beauty standards in different lands. Much like today, the women of that world strive for a similar ideal. That ideal may change over time much as it did between the roman, medieval, and renaissance periods but since the story is being told over a relatively short period of time in the history of Westeros, it doesn’t seem at all dis-congruous to me.