The National Park Service's version of the FBI is no joke


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Sullivan recently reassigned the cold case to her son.

Thanks, Mom…


This would make an interesting setting for a tv show


If they were bigger they could fund it themselves like the USPIS did.



This sounds like a job I would love.


nice reference @HMSGoose


The perfect job for people that love to hike and solve murders.


I remember a story about guys who had the nads to actually plant a weed farm inside a national park, and then festooned it with booby-traps. Are we getting close to a plot yet?


A plot about a plot? I like it.


But once they put on googley-eyes all bets are off.


yup, definitley days that I should have pursued the park ranger route.

Likewise, my wife had an opportunity after college to work in a forest service animal forensics lab (for poaching and other causes of death). she also wonders what path that would have taken here.

Ha, we still might have met…


The NPS is my next door neighbor. They are a for profit corruption that doesn’t give a loose shit about parks, people or America.


A few weeks ago when I reentered Yellowstone through the north entrance, there were three cameras on the entry kiosk, and one aimed directly at the driver at eye level. Wondered if they are doing facial recognition.


Along the same lines of weird federal roles, the US Marshals service handles law enforcement for US bases in Antarctica.


I know at least a couple of them do live streaming; I have the one for Old Faithful bookmarked:


I think that’s pretty common. Earlier this year I chatted with a DEA agent whose job is to go out in the woods and find these people. He says they’re all over.

Hopefully creeping legalization will put an end to this, because these illegal pot growers are ecologically devastating.


Isn’t it a plot (story) about a plot (plan) to plant a plot (field)?



this is a law & order series waiting to happen