The Nax Axe


Wow. I’ve never had anything that I’d describe as an “extreme survival application,” but I have to say, that looks like a pretty awesome multitool.

If butchering the overzealous trumpet vines and mimosas in our backyard is “extreme survival” then this seems like it’d do the job. (As does a regular machete, but it looks 15% less badass doing so.)


If this thing shows up in act one look out.


“Extreme Survival” meaning “on a neckbeard’s apartment wall”

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[Insert obligatory joke about surviving the zombie Apocalypse here]

What’s up with Boing Boing sudden interest in “tactical” “survival” versions of common tools like shovels and bush saws?

What about the extreme survival situation of being caught with it by law enforcement?

Personally, I’d want it a little heavier (probably). But then again, I’m of monstrous proportions.

Yeah, or you know, the standard and time tested um… Axe!

Some things haven’t changed design too much because the design works well.

But this one looks all tacti-cool!

I think we know who needs one of these.

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Another tool that does many things and none of them as well as the specific tool. But it’s for situations you’re trying to avoid but hoping you won’t, so…

If I’m clearing brush or blazing a trail through the jungle (yeah, I know, as if) I wouldn’t want that hook getting caught on every other vine. A machete would be far preferable. (And incorporating bottle openers into everything is a very silly trend.)

I guess I’ve had one or two, but they were not in the class of extreme survival applications “that require cutting, chopping or clearing”. On the other hand, if all you have is an axe, everything looks like something to chop. I wonder how that would have turned out…

What about it? I mean how is this that different from an ordinary machete or ax? (Try walking down the street carrying either of those and you’ll likely get just as much unwanted attention from Officer Not-so-friendly.) Or is it like the idiotic panic over “Ninja” weapons from a few years ago?

Nix nax on the axe, this is a mofo maxete.

The NAX 2.0 will never let you down

Rickrolled by an overpriced hipster hatchet?


Yeah when it comes to intimidating edged tools I prefer the tried and tested parang (with a fireknife for working at close quarters):

I think I just got told.

yes, I have a beard, including on my neck. :neckbeard:

yes, I have a machete resting above my doorframe. (I do use it to do yardwork sometimes)

¯\ __(ツ) _ /¯

nah, you actually use it for something. the majority of their sales will be to people that will never use it for anything, most especially work.

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