The Nazis and your privacy

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The article is complaining about the misuse of census data that isn’t covered by appropriate privacy laws in order to make a larger point about the need for such laws to protect other data, such as that posted thoughtlessly on the Internet.

You correctly noted that one of these is currently in place for individual U.S. census data (which was not the case Germany in 1939). My point was that fascists, especially those who want to profile respondents by ethnicity or citizenship status, find ways around such laws if they don’t sweep them aside entirely.


Well, here is the counterexample:

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It’s making the connection between modern data collection and the weaponized use of data by the nazis. It’s a broader argument than just “it’s online.” It’s a entirely reasonable argument about how the data we do have online (or that is in the hands of a corporation or a government) could be weaponized in the right circumstances, and hence regulation can help ensure that doesn’t happen.


Now that’s what I call a White Hat Hacker!

The Marconi hack reminds me of Going Postal.


Exactly. I very much like Maciej Cegłowski’s metaphor of imagining personal data to be very much like nuclear waste.

No one knows what will become of sites like Twitter in five years or ten. But the data those sites own will retain the power to hurt for decades.

Btw, each single talk by Maciej Cegłowski is a gem. You all need to go and read them. Now!

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Can I at least wait until I’m not at work! :wink:

Thanks for the links, though.


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