The neuroscience of Hodor






I believe this was previously and definitively described in the groundbreaking study Chicken Chicken Chicken.




Concrete Theoretical Proof has long been known for Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo


I can’t wait to hear Groot and Pikachu weigh in on this.






Speaking of GRRM:GoT, Which Game of Thrones Character are You?


Interestingly enough, it’s an anagram of “Rhodo,” suggesting that Hodor was involved in The Iliad :slight_smile:

(For those who never tried Greek, one of the stock phrases in the Iliad is “rhodo-dactylos eos,” or “rosy-fingered dawn” )


I don’t want to deny the fans of what seems to be a very well done show to natter and wank on about it. But I find myself coping with the sheer volume of GOT talk by pretending it is all a fantastically elaborate hoax, like I, Libertine, with millions of “fans” (hoax participants) helping construct details and going to great lengths (dressing up as characters and filming them) to make it all seem wonderfully real.

To which I say: Well done! This Hodor thing is hilarious!


Taunting frat boy: “Hey big guy! How does your mamma enter her place of business?”


I do the same think to Star Trek, where I pretend everyone flying through space are really just in a computer simulation, because it’s silly to think we’ll ever explore space beyond our solar system.

We’re all funny that way.


Hodor… Hodor, hodor. Hodor. Hod…or.


Hodor? Hodor! Hodor, hodor hodr:



Hodor, ho…dor hodor hodor, hodor hodor!


Hooooooodddddoooorrrrr!!! hodor?!? Hodor. Hodor. HODOR, HODOR, HODOR!!! Hodor, hod-or. Hodor.








:o: :door: