The New Dark Times, a perfectly parodic t-shirt

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If you look at this shirt more than 10 times does it block your vision?


Would it kill you to post a link or info about B3S? Or is this a fight-club kind of thing. First rule of B3S is you don’t talk about B3S. But you do sell T-shirts. Just don’t talk about them. Well about the shirt ok, but not the community.


Only if you don’t subscribe to the shirt.


There must be a rule somewhere that says t-shirt graphics must be as large as humanly possible.

Don’t they have to fit the smallest shirt? So if it’s a silkscreen situation with only one screen then it should look progressively smaller on the larger sizes. But somehow it never does.

The Washington Post is the one that really trips me up these days. Luckily, there’s Private Browsing

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I assume people are more likely to buy a t-shirt with a large graphic, because they subconsciously regard it as more value for money. It’s probably the same reason why many are reluctant to leave white space in a layout, even if it benefits the readability. They want to use all the space available.

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No, you are definitely not doinitrite.

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