The new Watership Down book is an exquisite achievement in graphic storytelling


the prologue is somewhat “cartoonish”, but the rest isnt. an animated film is not perse a “cartoon”, right?

I was blown away as an 8-year old, scared the shit outta me, but I instantly loved it. first shock came after about two fucking minutes into the mentioned prologue (which is amazing in itself) as lord frith creates the hunters to slay “his children” and the killing starts right there, two minutes into the film. at this point, it was clear the audience was going for a ride nobody expected then…

watch it to this day at least once a year. love it.


Bigwig is a badass, he’s awesome.


Cartoon is a common synonym for animated film at least where I’m from and according to the OED and Mirriam-Webster.

I always thought so. Your link above, pointing out the Bigwig is based on a real-life badass, is perfect. Thank you!

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As some one who saw this in the 80;s as kid my self i often wonder where we just more used to violent world, than children are today, In the much the same why diehard is christmas movie, so is watership down and the heroes of telemark, in wired way christmas is the time for Hitler in the uk, or it used to be till about 5 or 6 years, ago when the amount of 2nd world war films seems to have dropped away, we dont really get the navy films we used to any more, but the above mentioned ones still get an outing along, with Von Ryan’s Express.

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Is this why you are averse to short, concise sentences?

Does reading any thing longer than tweet tire you out?

I had this mug I picked up years ago in brighton, not sure which was the original, but loved that mug until it got broken at work.

ETA: my favorite thing about it was the name of the drawing, watership downer.



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