The New Yorker's profile of William Gibson: "Droll, chilled out, and scarily articulate"

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“Droll, chilled out, and scarily articulate”

Two out’a three ain’t bad.


This was actually an exceptional piece – low on the usual cyberspace clichés. Gave an unusually insightful look at a pretty cool individual. Can’t wait for Agency.


For the exceptionally curious, here’s Biggles.


Maybe in 1990?

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How Bloomberg once described Cory Booker?

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Oh I can’t wait to read this! William Gibson has had a profound effect on me, and in many ways my life. I really hope I can meet the guy someday. I consider him to be somewhat of a guru to me.


Gibson is the writer who both inspired me to write and made it such an awesome endeavour that I rarely dare to try.

I remember walking down the street with my kid on my shoulders in Vancouver and recognizing him. At that precise moment he saw me recognize him and took about 10 steps off the sidewalk to avoid me and any potential fanboy gushing that might have incurred.

I completely understand, it must be hard to be so very intelligent, introverted and yet be like unto a god to the committed sf reader world.

Also, there might well have been awkward fanboy gushing had the signal not been so extremely crystal clear that even a social doofus like myself was able to read it.


Please keep writing Bill.


Look at that floof!

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It was a really great story/interview. So glad that this was published. I’m sure I’ll read it several more times.

As usual, the intense digital-mysticism aspects of his work weren’t even touched. If I had the opportunity to talk to Gibson, that’s what I’d want to talk about.

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