The next great technology critic will not be a gadget reviewer


New Pogues? How can anybody replace The Pogues?


I’m the next great technology critic.

… lol

Yeah – gadgets are passé now even though they will still be around. It reminds me a lot of how nobody (well not nobody, but not the general public) cares about stereo systems anymore. When I was a teenager in the 1980s the big thing was component stereos and lots of people read reviews of amplifiers, tape decks, turntables and speakers and everyone dreamed about upgrading their system. In my parents’ generation young people were into modifying their cars. Makes me wonder what the next thing will be for the youth of tomorrow.

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You beat me to it… I was going to say “featuring Kasim Sulton”

No one tell Dave Winer.

Designer polypeptides.

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