The Nintendo Switch is the best platform for playing Torchlight 2 on

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Sounds very challenging.


He sounds very challenged

He obviously meant that playing with a joystick gave him more of a challenge, but at the same time, it also gave him more of a challenge.


Which of the following should I do?

  • Play Torchlight 2
  • Play Diablo 3
  • Avoid loot vortex entirely

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When you type around 5,000 words, per day, sometimes you miss a beat with the self-editing. Not an excuse, but here we are.


Is the original vanilla Torchlight still worth playing today? It was a freebie on the Epic Game Store just a little while ago. Or is it better to jump straight to Torchlight II with some byzantine selection of carefully curated mods?

I would say you’re probably better off jumping straight to Torchlight II, although if TL1 came back around for free I’d say grab it and give it a spin. It doesn’t have as much depth as TL2, or quite as much polish but it’s still worth a look at for the price of free.


Frankly, I thought it was charming.

I paid $19.99 USD for it. I look forward to playing it more; it’s good to hear you are enjoying it. And interesting to hear the price is in some kind of balance between the US and Canada

Zero mention or comparison to Diablo 3? Seems a bit odd.

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