The Office documentary reportedly confirmed by Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration


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If the hearthrob of Scranton, Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration, appears in this documentary it will be a guaranteed hit with the ladies.


Bob Vance? What line of work is he in?


release date : March 24, 2020



I will watch this if and only if I can be assured that someone is filming it as it’s being made, so that some day I can watch a documentary about the making of a documentary about the making of a sequel to a mockumentary.


Can’t wait!


I honestly don’t know how you can work with that jackass. And that other jackass. And the new jackass.



Favorite Michael Scott fake persona…

Erin: “Orville Tootenbacher. That’s Michael’s millionaire character that farts popcorn.”


The Office was a great show.


I love them both for appropriate reasons. Too bad the Brit version didn’t have the longevity. Funny how truly genius programs get canceled early.


Cancelling a show before it has a chance to wear out its welcome is an important consideration if you want people to remember it as a work of genius.

I was in the minority of Arrested Development fans who thought three seasons was the perfect amount of time to keep the show on the air.


We could have stood one or two more seasons of IT Crowd or Freaks and Geeks, tho. Or Black Books.

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