The OktoberFIST


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I’ve always had a weird thing for women in a dirndl

I guess that’s the direction I was hoping for when I saw “OktoberFIST.”

My disappointment is palpable.


Am really confused. Has the US invaded Germany? Or did Deutsche Bank falter in the end? Or why are we paying in $ at the Oktoberfest?

At a recent visit to Berlin I have already accepted the new reality that English has replaced German as the official language of conversation.


We love ripping off Oktoberfest over here, because Bavaria is Germany as far as we’re concerned.

We get the start date wrong, though; we start in October, when Oktoberfest starts in September.


Unattractive? That thing rocks! \m/


Even if unattractive, it looks like a great wrist brace for lifting heavy tankards when your strength is flagging.


“Suffering from ‘beer wrist’? Suffer no more, because now there’s OKTOBERFIST!

♫ Heavy beer steins giving you fits?
Drink til you drop with Oktoberfist! ♪


I thought it was a carpal/ulnar tunnel brace for drinking those heavy steins.

Because that really fucking hurts, you guys.


I thought it looked like this:


In the ole’ century, it was a drinking sock. How to make: take shoe off, get sock, put on hand.




I could see this product appearing in The Simpsons. Homer would absolutely buy one.

It’s bad but it’s not so bad.


“He touched my breast!” still the best quote from that movie.


Perfect for nudist beer gardens. :slight_smile:


Thank you. That missing pun was going to make my eye twitch like Chief Inspector Dreyfus if it wasn’t fixed.


Wait, this isn’t a discounted Boing Boing Store wallet offer? :confused:



No need for thanks.


The OktoberFIST, for when you are too drunk to find your own pants pockets. €49.

With serious beir stein wrist bracing and anti-drunk “what is this and why the fuck am I wearing it?” removal protection.

Comming to the Boing Boing Store this January!


I want it, I want it right now. But I’m saving for a tattoo. Sight, such priorities.


“Nice oppressors, honey!”