The oldest aquarium fish in the world is at least 90. She lives in San Francisco.

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Methuselah enjoys, he says “literally belly rubs.”

Hmmm, me too.


So was it called Methuselah in 1938? Cause if so, that’s some powerful manifesting.


Apparently he was at the Shedd for 84 years, and was adult on arrival, so likely to have lived to mid-90s.


Unrelated aquarium fish story:
Yesterday morning I saw one of the fish (a yo-yo loach) in my aquarium had figured out that some of the food from the feeder fell on the tank cover and didn’t make it in the water; it was swimming with over half its body out of the water eating food off the plastic cover. Apparently it got really greedy after I left the room and manage to jump out of the ~3cm hole in the top going after more. Somehow it ended up on the floor in front of the tank where I found it lying still, covered in carpet fibers.

Back in the tank now and still trucking along! Yo-yos can live in aquariums for many decades, although probably not 90 years


I had a kuhli loach and I loved it! I haven’t set my aquarium back up - but when I do, I want at last one more kuhli loach.

Usually finding a fish on a carpet doesn’t have the same happy ending :frowning:


I think there are 3 kuhli loaches in my tank; they’re great. The tank is heavily planted with lots of driftwood and they can go unseen for months at a time so its hard to be sure.

I was really surprised that it started swimming again when it hit the water :smiley:


My dad had a neon tetra that started doing weird stuff. Swimming upside down or tail up. Something obviously wrong and expected him to be dead any day. But he hung on for like 4 more months.

He as a small “pond” in the back yard, like a 4 foot wide tub with gold fish. I think the oldest is 6 years old or so and about 9in long.


Maybe they had 100 fish in 1938, named them all Methuselah, and this is the only one that lived for an appreciable time.


Maybe so named because lungfish are considered living fossils?

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