The one and only 'Sanford and Son' truck still runs

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I’m coming Elizabeth! This is the big one!


From the narration, Redd really needed a better agent! Although, that was the “style” then, ripping off Hollywood talent: even Shatner has made no money on Star Trek TOS residuals.

I anticipated that the 20+ minute long video would talk more about the truck than the show and its cast. For instance, I bet it has a single master cylinder braking system. But I still don’t know.

What’s interesting is that the truck is a 1951 Ford, and the show aired in early 1972, making that truck just about 20 years old. I have a truck from the early 2000s, so almost 20 years old, but the Ford in the show seems a lot older in the show than my early 2000s pickup. Maybe its just in the appearance and styling, but cars seem to age more slowly these days than they did back then.

OTOH, my truck has a CD and a cassette tape player, so maybe it’s getting old and I just don’t notice it.

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the US show had one of the greatest theme songs in history,

The UK show it was based on had one of the most instantly recognisable themes, even after all these years (it ended in 1974). The theme was suitably entitled "Old Ned’:

Like Sandford, they also had a uniquely memorable form of transport, as seen at about 28 seconds in, in the video above.

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It was mentioned in the blog post :wink:

Fun fact: it was a UK import originally titled Steptoe & Son :

What, we’re reading posts now? No one sent me the memo :wink:


and the second best line from the show:


I liked the reference to that show in the Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land. There’s a salvage yard with a sign that says “Savi and Son Salvage” in the Arubesh alphabet.

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If anyone watched the Supermarionation coronavirus lockdown series Nebula-75, in episode 3 there were strong shades of Harold Steptoe in the scrap metal merchant it featured.

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" As a reminder, the US show had one of the greatest theme songs in history, “The Streetbeater” by Quincy Jones."

This. So much this. The breakdown, the harmonica…

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