The only end-of-year video I ever bother with


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Same here. Every year, they are the best.

I always feel so much better about not understanding what happened after Philomena Cunk has explained it.

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“Coincidentally, that is the exact opposite of an act I saw in Bangkok.”
“Separation would mean that it would snow all the time, even indoors.”

That video isn’t TL;DW. Thanks for the link!

I always like Brooker’s Wipes. This one in particular was good; the bit about Surkov was really interesting - that serious piece also happened to be stranger than their most ridiculous jokes.

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The serious piece is by Adam Curtis, who is an absolute genius. Definitely check out his other films, but you will come away depressed. Adam Curtis for Prime Minister!

Charlie Brooker is one of my favorite pundits. I love that he puts on the asshole persona, but when he’s interacting with real people you can obviously tell that he’s the nicest guy.

Super show and my fave to end each year…

Check out Adam Curtis " And all watched over by machines of loving grace " as said it’s depressingly compulsive viewing.

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For me, I go with a clip of Carl Sagan’s ‘the pale blue dot’ speech. A reminder.

(someone intercut it with clips and set it to a little music:)

/goes off to watch all the Adam Curtis films online, which appears to be all of them. Oh man, yeah.

It’s funny, I became aware of Brooker through his essays, his radio shows like “So Wrong, It’s Right” (where he usually has great chemistry with the other people because they obviously like him) and his television comedy-dramas, and he doesn’t really do the asshole persona there (it’s more tongue-in-cheek curmudgeon, if anything). So the asshole persona on Wipe was a bit of a surprise, but also obviously a nice bit of pure sarcasm.

Hilarious. I should probably give it the entire hour, but my attention spa


I found it worth watching, despite not being a Pom.

Australia could use a Charlie Brooker…

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Seconded. One of the most thorough investigative journalists there is.
And I nominate Charlie Brooker for culture secretary.

Can we resurrect Tony Benn for Chancellor? If that proves impractical I think we can arrange for Paul Krugman to emigrate.

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