Drive a nail through 2016 with Charlie "Black Mirror" Brooker's Screenwipe

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It was both brilliant and depressing as you realised all the things you had forgotten because a brain can’t hold everything that happened last year


Hee hee, a puddle!

Pretty sure nothing memorable happened this year. Except maybe that puddle.


I also find it oddly comforting in that it points out other countries also make poor decisions en masse. What’s concerning is some of Brooker’s less subtle comments about the shift to fascism, polarization, isolationism that’s occurring at a global level being overshadowed by cute cat videos, puddle watchers, and fake news. Oh gawd - now I sound like a ‘metropolitan elite’! (code for educated and altruistic).

Question to the big brains out there: are there good examples in history demonstrating the economic and social effects of isolationism? I can only guess it has a overall negative effect, especially as the ‘global village’ proliferates. Perhaps a premise for satire - a world where every country behaves this way? It would be like “Threes Company”, but with missiles.

Happy 2017 Mutants, Makers, and Misanthropes!


Todally OT, bit hey it’s new year: my brother in law used to live with Charlie Brooker. He said Brooker had by far the messiest room in the flat. The mattress on his bed laid permanently at about 45 degrees across the divan, with Brooker himself sleeping on his back, flopped across it with his head almost touching the floor.


One of the weird things I don’t think he mentioned was when FARC did the mannequin challenge for some reason:

It just gets very odd when ISIS, Trump, Farage and lots of other people are on Twitter or other social media and getting into petty arguments with ordinary people or each other and/or showing their poor command of the English language. There are plenty to choose from, but this is one I took at random from last night:


Good comedy is our reward for terrible things.

I could do with a little less comedy in 2017.


I too found it oddly comforting. Yes, we´re all in deep shit, but, hey, at least we´re all in this together.
Happy new year, happy mutants. Lets hope for for a decent 2017.


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