Charlie Brooker's 2015 Wipe: the only roundup you need to watch


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Can’t say I enjoyed him much, but Diane Morgan (“Philomena Cunk”) was excellent, in the 50 Shades, the Syrians, and especially the femininism. I will be looking for more of her.



I liked it though even with all the joking about it… 2015 good fucking riddance and 2016 doesn’t look to be much happier.


World sucks. We can as well laugh at it.


Nice to see 50 Shades getting the savaging it deserves.

Usually that terribly written domestic-abuse glorifying book/film gets treated as healthy BDSM for some bizarre reason…


“We’ve all got clocks, mate.”

I’m that funny, too, but I don’t have the charisma or charm or sense of humor to pull it off.



And yet conservatives think Fox News Channel is too liberal.


About 57 minutes in - barry shitpeas on trump:

He says all these things that aren’t true. And loads of his followers don’t trust the media so they believe whatever he says. So he can basically create his own mental reality and have thousands of people blindly agree with him. Actually, saying it out loud makes him sound sort of terrifying but luckily he’s also got silly hair you can laugh at. I mean there’s no way hitler would’ve risen to power if he had some weird physical thing that made him look silly, you know like, stupid haircut or a little mousta… oh fucking hell.

I did laugh, a lot. Although temporarily. :worried:


Disappointed to see no Doug Stanhope.


I feel like Charlie Brooker isn’t usually this depressing but I guess we just had a really bad year. :confused:


Don’t forget to wipe.


Was that an orchestral version of the Sesame Street theme running during the Game of Thrones segment?


Yup. I didn’t understand it, but it was great.


Yeah, and no piece by adam curtis either but ya can’t have everything eh? Though considering the rise of islamic state i expected one.


I haven’t sat through the whole thing yet, but the Philomena Cunk on Feminism part was pure Ali G, and well worth the watch.


I now find Philomena Cunk’s got a bunch of Moments of Wonder on YouTube!


In the first two minutes, I was laughing out loud. Excellent!

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