The only thing I miss about San Francisco is the It's-It

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The real San Francisco treat!


You can buy It’s-Its outside the Bay Area in lots of places, take a look at the list on their website: Find Us | It's it Ice Cream


It’s It is okay, I guess. It’s a GREAT song lyric, I mean, don’t take me the wrong way. And far, far better than a Klondike Bar.

But Mitchell’s Ice Cream in the Mission is truly a treat (it looks like they’ve expanded beyond the Mission). They had some very interesting flavors (an avocado and macapuna double scoop was my favorite).

Of course there are countless other great culinary delights in the region (Acme Bread, the Berkeley Cheese Board co-op / Arizmendi, and probably 2 dozen spectacularly good asian restaurants come to mind). I love the Bay Area – a great place to visit but even if I wanted to live there I couldn’t afford to live there.


Is it a Ballroom Blitz? Enquiring minds want to now.


The thing I miss most about SF is a Renzo’s Special with basil garlic spread from Molinari’s on Columbus. So good!

For ice cream, Humphry Slocombe was pretty good, too, though not as good as the hype imho. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lately I’ve been seeing them available for really cheap in my local Los Angeles area Grocery Outlet (or “Gross Out,” as my family affectionately calls it.)


Gelson’s sells them, too. But for a premium over Gross Out.


If you go to the factory near the airport in Burlingame, you can get the rarer flavors. Sometimes there’s a groupon for major discounts on 12 packs. Like right now! 12 for $8.20.


I learned of these when I travelled to SF monthly for many years last decade. And I made a point of getting one as often as practical. So good!

I love those things. I personally like the mint flavor. I recently brought some home and my wife said, “I don’t like mint ice cream.” But I said “try it.” She was hesitant, but then she took a bite. And it was a hit. It is not super-minty, just a hint, goes really nicely with the cookie and chocolate I think.


All its various parts are so different from each other I’m not sure the whole thing really qualifies as a “place” the way, for instance, L.A. does :thinking:

One of the pop culture / media critics at the SF Chronicle made an It’s It Costume a few years back. It was pretty dope.

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What does that even mean

Oakland is pretty different from Ben Lomond, and they’re not united by a common government, or transportation system, or culture, or anything

I’m skeptical that “the Bay Area” is a thing

It’s a big, complicated thing. Like, idk, LA

I’ve also heard people refer to it as ‘The Used Food Store’.

Thanks for the link. Apparently in Oregon they’re sold at Safeway and Target, two of the most common stores that exist here. I’ll keep an eye out for them

If oatmeal cookie ice cream sandwiches are all that, I just might grab a box during my next trip to the local gross station.

If we’re discussing San Francisco ice cream then I miss Humphry Slocombe

but I’ll also bring up