The origin of the Compubody Sock


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Maybe no one took your backpack because they thought it could be a bomb?


When you’ve gone over something again and again and again and again, like I have, certain questions get answered. Others spring up. Your mind plays tricks on you. You play tricks back. It’s like you’re unravelling a big cable-knit sweater that someone keeps knitting, and knitting, and knitting, and knitting, and knitting, and knitting, and knitting, and knitting, and knitting, and knitting!


The more I look at that thing the funnier it is to me.

I love that she used it to recount an embarrassing story. The silliness of it really adds to the overall shame.


That thought crossed my mind as well! It was only a couple blocks from the recent Chelsea dumpster explosion.


It reminds me of my childhood, reading books at night in a jacket or blanket so that my parents wouldn’t see my flashlight. XD


I watched the first season of SNL and listened to Dr. Demento that way. Oh… and read Lovecraft.


Beck or Becky?

Love your work.

I do have a piece of paper in my wallet.

For what it’s worth I tend to scatter them about; one in the wallet, one loose in the bag, one with the camera, etcetera. I also have an email address just for such things.


Enid Blyton, Kenneth Grahame, Beatrix Potter, Susan Cooper, JRR Tolkien; they’re all authors that I met by torchlight under the blankets.


I have considered looking for something along these lines so I could see my phone screen in sunlight.

How do the kids do it anyway?


The key to digital photography: “film” is free, so take a dozen shots. One of 'em will be okay.

This was taken on my phone last week, in lighting that prevented me from seeing the screen:


And, for me, there was also Black Sabbath on the Close-n-Play.


I was thinking more of the problem of calling someone when I can’t see my contact list. I suppose I might adopt a variation of your technique.:grin:

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