The Osmond Brothers were once a great baroque psychedelic folk-pop band

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“I’m a little bit country. I’m a little bit … whooaaa, man, the colours!”


“Crazy Horses” LP has a couple decent hard rockers on it-- I would blow people’s minds by putting “Hold Her Tight” on mix tapes, “is this Led Zep??”


Made me think of this. Though very lo-fi, I often play this in the office as background fuzz.

The Osmond stuff tho, like someone in creative said “We need us a Jackson 5, only White and not nearly as good”.


To be fair Both Sides Now is such a great song I think it would be impossible to make a bad version.


Eh, I’m still hearing the Osmonds as I expect the Osmonds. Get off my lawn.


The Osmonds were only ever on my radar as the punchline of twee Mormon jokes, so I was surprised when I heard the title track a couple months back just how much it slaps. And it’s sampled in PWEI’s “Def Con One”, which is a bonus.

Not too sure about the chicken dancing tho.


AC/DC = Anti Christ / Devil Child

KISS = Knights In Satan’s Service

OSMONDS = Oh Satan Make Our Nerdy Demos Sell

(from an old issue of SPIN magazine.)


Incredible. And I never knew where that PWEI sample came from!

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came to mention Crazy Horses. never heard of Hold Her Tight. man, no kidding about the Zep confusion. the rhythm is an obvious Immigrant Song bite.

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Even for baroque pop the lyrics just smack of their art director/producer having a shot at what they think is edgy… Was wanting to like this as some sort of outsider boy bands journey into the mainstream, but holy molly, the ingenuousness in the lyrics underscores the steaming pile of commercial cynical music production this is.

Re folk/prog/recorder I guess I’ll just post this again as the beginnings of a rock band’s journey RIP Bon Scott:

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