Excellent 1968 bubblegum pop by The Osmonds: "Groove With What You Got"

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I highly recommend the Donny and Marie Osmond show featuring a hilarious and bugs bunny-like Milton Berle. It is to laugh.


OMG that outfit Donnie is wearing on the album cover in that first song!!


I love when I get to a job site before the other guys and play my music which is normally 70s pop. Went camping this weekend and our neighbors were playing utter crap. My sound set up, that I rarely turn on while camping, is much louder. Man, put on the Carpenters or Olivia Newton John or Carole King and they get the message quick.

But speaking of Bubble Gum Pop, Shaun Cassidy is on my playlist along with the Bay City Rollers.


“The only Osmonds song I really like is “Chilly Winds””

I guess a lot can change over 5 years. :wink:

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The Osmonds are woefully unappreciated. Check this excellent song out.


“Do you remember Hullabaloo, Upbeat , Shindig! , and Ed too…?” - The Ramones

Shindig’s house band was called the Shindogs and included bunch of (mostly) guys that would later be known as “The Wrecking Crew”, the greatest session artists of all time.

Among them were Bobby Burns and Pat and Lolly Vegas, later of Redbone fame, who co-wrote “Groove with What You Got” here.

Bubblegum heritage is super fascinating.


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