Earth, Wind and Ozzy

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This is motherflipping genius.



I wonder how many characters I’ll have to add this time?


man, i love both, but this just does not work for me. at ALL. : (

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By Crom! What sorcery is this?
There is no way in hell that should work, yet, somehow it does!

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This, uncoincidentally, sounds a great deal like the RB/Soul influenced British bands of the 80’s new wave.


Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.


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every day the saying “Nothing’s Weird Anymore” keeps gnawing

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I’m pretty sure I saw this back in the day… sweet double bill

This changed my life.

any youtube links for us? I’m primed for a bit more of this kind of thing. It hit me in that sweet and sour spot that babymetal does.

I personally would have wanted just a smidge more of something with the shredding solo, but no gifthorse-mouth-looker am I.

I am not an expert in the subject, and I don’t think any include shredding guitar solos, but the groups ABC and Squeeze came to mind. :slight_smile:

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Hooo boy. Props on DJ Cummerbund’s choice of genre-clashed material (always a favorite of Bootie Mashup) but this is actually OUT-OF-KEY… to the point of being painful. You’d think that whoever is posting music stuff on BoingBoing would have enough musical knowledge to actually recognize that the ramp and chorus are pretty clashy and out-of-key. :frowning:

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