The other candidates photoshopped to have Trump's weird orange tan

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If trump’s mom were an oompa-loompa, that would explain the short fingers too.


I imagine people who naturally have this complexion are going to feel a bit more self conscious for the next 6 months or so ¯\(ツ)/¯ .


I for one, enjoy our two minutes of hate. It definitely makes me feel better about Hillary’s shortcomings.

Hillary Clinton looks just as terrifying as Trump, with or without tan.

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Perhaps it’s fitting that Tokay geckos are also sometimes known as the “fuck you lizard”.

Soon to be, more simply, Mister President.*


  • Trump 2016!

Trump’s weird orange tan


If we’re going to pick a president based on appearance, I guess we’ll be going for Melania. Hillary certainly isn’t winning any beauty contests. Since we can’t do that, I guess the most reasonable course of action is to vote on policy though. Trump will destroy the TPP. Hillary endorses the TPP as the ‘gold standard’ of trade deals. I think it’s pretty clear we’re headed for a President Trump!

Trump will do better than destroy the TPP. He’ll consult his closest advisor, himself, then torture the TPP, bomb it’s family and build a wall around it (which it will pay for) to keep all the rapists out!*

  • Trump 2016!
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The reason people make fun of Trump’s appearance more than other candidates isn’t that he’s ugly, it’s because he went out of his way to look the way he does. That haircut and skin tone require time and effort. Add to that the fact that he’s the only candidate who regularly demeans other people for their appearance and you’ve got someone begging to be mocked.



Cruz, Kasich and Sanders look a little better with the tan. Trump definitely looks better with the tan.

They all look terrible in that spray-on tan, but pale Trump… Someone please pass the mind bleach. Double dose for me, please.

If I ever wanted to make a movie with a rotted-looking, pale, pasty old vampire, at least I’d know a good reference image for it.

No, but that is hardly relevant. Stopping the TPP, reforming the H1B system, and halting illegal immigration are pretty solid policies. I can’t pretend to agree with all of Trump’s policies, but at least I know where he stands and most of it is quite reasonable. Clinton spins to face whatever direction the wind is blowing and then does whatever she wants. The majority can’t trust her. The word ‘landslide’ is already being used to describe Trump’s win in the general.

Saying “I’m gonna stop those things you don’t like” isn’t a “solid policy,” or really even a policy at all. It’s just empty populist rhetoric. A real “policy” would be “here’s what I’m going to do instead of what we’re doing now, and here’s a plausible plan for how I’m going to do it.”

By whom, exactly?

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For one, those are policies. You’re confused over the definition of the word policy. A policy can be a simple principle. There is no requirement to have a detailed plan backing up a policy. Of course, Trump does have plans to back those up.

  1. Anti-TPP - Plan is to simply say no. Treaties have to be signed and ratified.

  2. H1B Reform - Trump’s plan is to raise the minimum salaries of H1B offers to be competitive or even greater than American job offerings in the related field. This destroys the cost incentive for utilizing H1B contracts, so that such contracts are only used for their intended purpose, to acquire skillsets not available in the American job market. Additionally, some reform will be made to strengthen the requirement that the jobs be offered to qualified Americans first.

  3. Halting illegal immigration - No doubt you’ve heard of the wall. I thought the concept was as silly as you probably believe it to be, but once I got over my media induced bias and looked at actual information, it made more sense. Walls work. It’s much easier to get through a fence than a wall. Countries that have built walls to stop illegal immigration see massive drop-offs in the targeted immigration. It won’t be perfect, but it will easily pay for itself within a few years with the amount saved on not supporting illegal immigrants. Trump’s plan to make Mexico pay for the wall is simple. We cut foreign aid to Mexico and use that money to build the wall. The annual aid to Mexico exceeds $10 billion a year, sometimes 20 billion.

As for the landslide thing, see Scott Adams or Rush Limbaugh. Scott Adams, in particular, has done an excellent job of predicting the surprises in Trump’s campaign. I’ve seen the mention a few more times recently, but it’s not really important yet. Pay attention though. In the coming months, assuming Hillary stays in the race, it will become clear she doesn’t stand a chance. This is an anti-establishment race and Hillary is about as establishment as one can get.

I get that a lot of people don’t like Trump. I just wish people would look past the media’s hate of him and actually see what’s there. Yeah, you might trust Hillary for some reason and vote for her proposed policies, but at least you can do it based on actual information and not what someone tells you that you must believe. Back in the early days of the primaries, when I was on team Bernie, I felt much the same way as many of you about Trump. I thought he was some racist scumbag joke of a candidate. I had a realization somewhere along the way though, when the media was working against Bernie… maybe they we trying to work against Trump to? I already believed the media was attempting to influence politics based on the views of their wealthy owners. So since every other article was a Trump hate piece… naturally there must be an agenda! I dove in, gave Trump an honest look. He came of as a bit outspoken, but reasonable then. It turns out illegal immigrant and Muslim aren’t races… I felt pretty silly then. It is a very odd feeling standing next to people I once thought to be vile hate spewing monsters, only to find they’re just kind neighbors who are afraid of where their jobs are going. Most don’t even care what bathroom someone uses or what kind of underwear they have on. The left’s association of ‘Trump’ with hate is a sad lie I’m embarrassed to have fallen for.

Ah. No thank you.

Good day.

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