What Trump would look like without his weird orange tan


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Not sure which option is more nightmare inducing.



That’s enough pictures of unthinkable horrors from beyond time.

Can’t we look at something relatively pleasant now? Like a goatse supercut?


I don’t buy it either. More like this:


I had to swallow my vomit, thanks for that BB.


I’m not clicking that link.


Without his trademark orange tan, Trump looks surprisingly horrific:

Surely the challenge is to find any means of making him look less horrific?

I for one don’t mind this much at all. An improvement on the McCain rictus at least, innit?


pretty awesome, but the lips on the right side of the color corrected image are too large. if you park the slidey thing over that part of his mouth you can see they are taller than the original. this contributes greatly to the revealed ugliness beneath the orange tan.


Meh. In my experience old white men are either tanned or pink. Needs more pink.


What’s up with the rich orange people, anyway? What are they getting in their diets and/or health regimen that they don’t want to share?


I guess to be fair looking like an Oompa Loompa is less disturbing than looking like an Evil Jedi.


They’re shape changing lizards, and it’s the cochineal in their insect diet.


This is dumb. What’s next, a slider showing what Hillary Clinton would look like with different bras?


There are three main mechanisms involved in hypercarotenemia: excessive dietary intake of carotenoids, increased serum lipids, and decreased metabolism of carotenoids. The most common reported cause of hypercarotenemia is increased intake, either through increased dietary foods or nutritional supplements.


Francis Buxton?


Good guess, but no.
He’s actually a reptile. Most likely a snake, which mostly have poor color vision.


He’s a member of the British Royal Family?


stupid, stupid comparison. a more apt one would be what Hillary looks like without makeup on.


Almost all American women wear a bra.

Very few Americans go through a daily regimen to intentionally adopt the appearance of an Oompa-Loompa.