The Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV has a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell

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“You know, Paul—I knew your father very well.”


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Walk without rhythm…


Dang it now I just realized the joke I should have made: “It’s hard to walk without rhythm when you have a timepiece up your ass.”


Who can dispute that creepy ol’ Walken is a tolerably good choice for galactic (?) emperor. Yet for Part-II all hangs on an impressive rendering of a guild steersman.

rather fancied the 2000 miniseries version (4th dimensional meth addict)…


This better not get in the way of production of the next season of Severance!


Since Villenvue has no problem casting very big names in this thing, I think Anya Taylor-Joy (Queen Gambit, et al.) would be pretty excellent – very smart, beautiful, but can put on a little bit tortured. If there’s to be a Dune Messiah, I think we want that.


Again? They’re making it again. Sigh. Just stop.

Why? What do you care? Villeneuve’s Dune is very good, a much better adaptation than Lynch’s, and with much greater production value than the SciFi version. Many of us like it very much. Would you deprive us of that?


What do you mean ‘they’re making it again’? Did you miss part 1? Do keep up.

(Still, can we gather from your Doctor Who comments, and this here, that you may not be a sci-fi fan? We get it. No need to keep telling us.)


This movie is the adaptation of second half of the original novel, which was long planned as a two-film adaptation so they wouldn’t have to pack the entire epic into a single film. So they aren’t “making it again” any more than The Two Towers was making Fellowship of the Ring again, they’re just finishing the adaptation they already started.


“HarKOHnin must be allOW’d to PROSpuh!”


All hail Padishah Emperor Fine French Sham-pag-neh IV!


What a lovely gamble. Walken will either be absolutely perfect or break the whole thing. I’m strongly leaning toward the former.

Sad that my long-shot choice won’t work out, though. Werner Herzog would have crushed this in a different way. I also considered Chrisoph Waltz in my fantasy casting agency, but he’s a bit too youthful.


They may not show one at all. I recently re-read the novel, and did not recall seeing a Guild member at the court on Arrakis. I do not think they need to be shown, only mentioned.

What I love about Villeneuve’s adaptation is how he does not feel the need to do a “look at all the freakiness!”… whilst subtly showcasing the freakiness. We may see more of Giedi Prime, scenes like the one from the novel where a captured Atreides soldier is supposed to be a sacrifice for Feyd Rautha to kill in the arena, but is not given the poisons that are supposed to nerf him and let the boy shine as a gladiator. So many other ways to portray the universe that the books built, without having to rush all of the most famous bits in all at once.


A Guild steersman appears in the first sequel, but yeah, none in the original novel.


Or the next series of The Outlaws.

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“We went out looking for the imposter, Christian, whose real name is Ben, but we didn’t know his real name was Ben until we found Christian. Christian said he was friends with Ben, the person we thought was Christian, but Christian was an imposter, too, pretending to be friends with Christian, meaning Ben, to use us to find Ben, who we thought was Christian. Is that helpful?”

Not gonna lie, I panicked a bit seeing Walken in headlines all over the place for a moment, glad it’s just about him being cast in a movie.


Shaddam IV was in his 90s, IIRC. Waltz is a great actor but definitely too spritely.