The Page Anchor makes sure you never lose your spot in any book

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Yeah, no. This isn’t a bookmark. A bookmark is something to keep your place in a book when you’re done reading. This is a book holder meant to hold the book open. And it looks like it’s more awkward to use than any I’ve seen in the past. It’s certainly not very compatible with the photograph of someone using it while holding a cup of coffee because they’re going to have to set that coffee down completely and use both hands to to remove this device, flip to the next page, and reinsert it - which they will have to do for every single page turn.


Just love how well BB knows its audience.


Needs a “How often is this happened to you!” video, where some hapless person trying to read a book without a special book holder spills their coffee while trying to read in bed, gets tangled up in fishing flies while trying to follow fly tying instructions, screws up an appendectomy trying to follow a how to do an appendectomy surgical book. That should be followed up with an in studio sales pitch about how the Page Anchor will change your life, enable you to make healthy meals, do your hobbies, and make people love you. All for just $43. Or two for $100. But only if you act now. Makes a great gift!


So is this like an EDC essential?

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Just need to cover it with some knurling and braided paracord… :thinking:

It isn’t Tactical or made from jade so sorry, it’s a No from me.


Tactical or made from jade

I prefer tactical jade, actually.

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The image embedding doesn’t work (but clicking it does). Works now :man_shrugging:

But: Yeah, THAT I would love to use to stab all my books!


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