The panacea of universal gun ownership


Indeed. I enjoy how conservative armchair legal scholars are originalist on some things, but textualist on others. Based on what they are trying to justify.


It gets a bit awkward when open carry people meet open carry people that they don’t know and trust.


It used to be that a concealed permit was very hard to get, and the penalty for unlicensed concealment was very high. If you traveled with a legal gun, and kept it in a bag or even on the seat but covered with a coat, you could be charged with a felony. The legal alternative was open carry. That does not mean you should bring it into Chipotle in some strip mall.
But an example is my wife. She is often the last person to leave her medical clinic, often late at night. We are in a super low crime area, but medical facilities sometimes attract addicts. She does not have a concealed permit, so she carries a pistol openly to her car.
Obviously we often carry out on the range. Our little town is full of armed people, because they are likely stopping in on the way from one isolated rural area to another, or on the way to hunt or fish.
I have a concealed permit, but have never once carried a concealed pistol in more populated areas like Taos or Santa Fe. I have the license primarily so if I do have a pistol in my pack and get pulled over, I can’t be accused of illegally concealing.
Most firearms owners, even enthusiastic ones, see the open carry activists as dangerous idiots. Open carry has an appropriate time and place. Any time you are making normal people feel uncomfortable, you are probably doing the wrong thing, even if it might technically be legal.

edit- By “range” I meant it in the sense of “home on the…” instead of target…"


" The panacea of universal gun ownership."

Let me say: I don’t hate guns, I don’t think they should be totally banned, and two of my most liberal friends from college [ETA: and by “liberal” I really just mean leftist, one is practically a communist] own guns, but people who really love guns latch onto this idea without really thinking it too far through. Everyone in a bar, drinking, with guns? Bad idea. Period. Road rage, now with more guns? Also bad. Really bad. Maybe universal gun ownership will stop some mass shootings, maybe it will stop or prevent some crimes, but it will also enable a lot more shootings where they weren’t common before. I can just as easily imagine an “arms race” where criminals need to have Kalashnikov’s because they know everyone else is carrying pistols. Even if I were packing a gun 24-7 I could still get jumped from behind, my wallet AND my gun stolen, and I’m in the hospital with a skull fracture. There’s a lot more I could add, it’s just a bad idea. Period.


The Polite Society Theory is a total crock, descendant from right-libertarian theories on ending state monopoly of violence. Like most right-lib theories it is based on a logic untethered to the real world.


The second amendment is the first amendment for those who don’t talk so good.

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