The Pentagon has made more UFO revelations, but Canada's had a public UFO database for decades

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We are doing our best to encourage alien tourists, especially now that our source of Americans has dried up.


Asked a family member who is a fighter pilot if he’s had any UFO experiences. His response, “I’ll tell you after I retire.” yikes


Got a link for this? I’d love to see what he actually said

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My take on government UFO coverup theories has always been “if extraterrestrials were visiting our planet, the Federal Government never would have been in a position to cover up their presence in the first place.”

The government can rarely keep its own activities secret from the public for long. Trying to suppress public knowledge of UFOs would be like trying to suppress the field of astronomy.


I swear I have a link somewhere of Geller admitting it himself. I’ll keep looking. In the meantime, here’s his agent saying it’s all just stage magic:

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ETA: Also this —

In the November 2007 issue of the magazine Magische Welt/Magic World, Geller stated: “I’ll no longer say that I have supernatural powers. I am an entertainer. I want to do a good show. My entire character has changed.”

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We don’t know about aliens, because of these guys…


Sorry… rewatching Torchwood lately…


“probably just an unmanned drone or a satellite”!?!?! You’re joking right?? Have you listened to any interviews with Cmdr. Fravor? You honestly think a man of his caliber and years of experience wouldn’t be able to differentiate between a drone ( the satellite reference is not worthy of a response, satellites orbit the planet, they don’t zip around in a zig zag pattern just above the surface of the ocean and shoot to 80,000 feet in seconds) and the “drone” also was actively jamming the radar and weapons systems of the planes!! Not to mention that the crews of the Nimitz had been seeing these objects for weeks in advance of the filmed sighting.

Bonnybridge is a place in Scotland with the record of most UFO sightings in the UK. By some freak co-incidence, it’s not far from a USAF base. (Well, not many places in the UK are…). When the USAF base closed down, the UFO sightings stopped. And a year or two after that, the USAF unveiled the stealth bomber they had been using for the past gawd-knows-how-long. You’ve seen the thing. It doesn’t look like any other kind of aircraft. It’s profile changes depending on which angle you see it, and if it’s turning, it looks like it’s turning inside out. Anyway, the Scottish conclusion is that what people were seeing was a stealth bomber, before they were made public. As for the alien abductions and the cow-tipping, you can draw your own conclusions about those.


Maybe they just popped by for a double-double and some timbits, eh.


Not only this, but there are 195 countries in the World, 194 other governments and aliens would have a bigger probability of falling in Russia, China, India, Africa or Australia than Hollywood would like people to believe.

Good luck convincing so many politicians to keep something secret.


UFOs kinda avoid us.


Yes. People make mistakes. Human senses are fallible. The correct conclusion is not aliens.

I usually phrase this as, “if the US’s leaders secretly know that aliens have been here, then why is NASA’s funding so spotty?”

It also surprises me how many people can still make a few bucks talking about UFO’s near Area 51, decades after it became public knowledge Groom Lake is where we tested experimental aircraft against the squadron of MiGs we stole out from under the Soviet’s noses. Well of course the US isn’t forthcoming about that!

That’s easier for a conspiracy-minded person to rationalize:

  • Because the government don’t want civilian scientists to learn about aliens
  • Space research is actually very well funded through the Department of Defense, which obscures where the money is really going
  • Because NASA only exists to provide fake photos & video so we don’t know what’s really going on up there

Once you start from the premise that the government is able to keep its own secrets then you can invent any number of reasons why they do the things they do.

What gets harder to explain is “how does the government keep aliens secret when said aliens can go anywhere they want are not beholden to the authority of any terrestrial government?”

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Psh. Americans don’t respect borders!

But everyone better respect ours…

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