The perfect Emacs setup

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Not sure that I can reach every possible four key combination with a single hand.


ah, I finally got VI configured the way I like it



Perfect Emacs setup? Delete it and install vi.


Amen brother!

Yeah, but, you never have to leave emacs, even to browse the “web”! (Is it wrong that I still prefer editing in vim because I know the commands from vi, The context highlighting for different languages makes sense to me, and I’ve already got my soft tabs set for python?)


“Emacs is a decent operating system, but it could use a good text editor.”


I use nano purely to annoy my colleagues who use emacs and those who use vi. It’s super effective.

(I use Notepad++ if I need to get stuff done though)


I use nano cause it I don’t have to remember a bajillion keyboard combinations. I mean whatever works for you, vi, emacs, notepad, etc. But yeah we have moved past the crazyness of needing the keyboard cruft of vi and emacs these days. especially for simple small text files.

Emacs is great fun if you want to dork out about calendars.

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From the link:

To decide the worth of an asylum seeker, examine their attitude towards the host that took them in.

No. Survival is a right. The Romans, of course, denounced refugees who fought back when the Romans tried to betray and enslave them. The refugees, of course, had no reason to have a positive attitude towards their would-be-enslavers.

If you use this…

…you don’t need EMACS or vi: even a moderately complex programme (say, implementing Skynet) will take no more than 5 lines of code. Understanding those 5 lines, however…

(I gather that the Laundry has been working overtime to limit the popularity of Iverson’s incantation programming language. The risk of accidentally invoking a Great Old One is just too high.)


If you want to kick it OLD SCHOOL…enter link description here

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What character set is that label in?

Do Λ and L represent different sounds, like Б and В?

I personally can’t use anything with a keypad between the keyboard and the mouse, because either the keyboard has to be too far to the left, or the mouse too far to the right, for my good hand to reach…

MarjaE, that’s an APL keyboard. Those symbols are operators in the APL programming language. (That’s a little redundant because APL stands for “A Programming Language.”)

APL is rather notorious for packing a lot of wallop in a very little space (the operators act on arrays, and they can be stacked), so a short programme in terms of text can provide a great deal of functionality. Unfortunately, it can also be extremely difficult to understand when time comes to do maintenance on the programme.

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What? No one has yet posted the final word on this???


looks like APL.

A more elegant version of Perl’s line noise?


Yup. Very elegant, very write-only.