Man in stock footage is typing nonsense


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can anyone identify his password reference?


Nah, he’s just uploading some GoPro footage…


Hard-drive failure +no backup at work had led me to declare Emacs bankruptcy and rebuild my config files.

More irritating than liberating.


Or perhaps he finally got his emacs the way he likes it.

I recently started using Emacs.

I’ll confess that I’ve only used Vi-mode for it; the name ‘Spacemacs’ comes from the notion that several commands in Emacs are accessible by hitting space and then key sequences that are arranged in mnemonic prefixes. For example, if I hit SPACE g m that brings up the Git Magit module.

I’ve noticed that the reaction from beardy old Emacs users is mixed, but I went looking for an alternative to Vim and after a few minutes setup, I had something that was 95% what my old Vim config was, set up and revised over the past decade or two. The only custom setup I spent any time on was adding Emacs Writeroom mode.

Anyway, I think I’m going to spend some time typing more gibberish, like the gentleman in that stock footage.



When I was a kid I was in stitches when some actors on Space:1999 would just wiggle their fingers a few inches above their keyboard.


Maybe that’s not an english qwerty keyboard and maybe he is typing in some other language.


Usually I use QWERTY keyboards, but German keyboards are QWERTZ. Different, but not by much.

There is also an AZERTY keyboard, but I’ve never used it, and it’s still not terribly different from QWERTY.

It’s possible he’s using a Turkish F-keyboard, a Cyrillic JCUKEN, or switched his layout to Dvorak or Colemak just to be cussed, but most likely he’s just typing nonsense.



Sure, it’s more likely but I like to think he’s using an Arabic keyboard and is typing amazing poetry :slight_smile:


Wait! I think it’s a message…



Waving your fingers in the air and getting things to happen is the essence of magic slash sufficiently advanced technology.


I think I work with him.


He’s using vi and just remapped “jkl” to “asd” for left hand use.


It’s still better than non-musicians pretending to play the instrument they’re holding on just about any TV show or movie.


Oops, forgot this one.


Is that stock footage, or found footage of a Trump speechwriter?


Perhaps I’m most bothered by the “hunt and peck” typing. C’mon, dude. You can do better.


I’ll bite. Why are you looking for a vi alternative and why would you use Emacs just to run it in a vi-like mode?

I’m always looking for more efficient means of text entry and I never was able to “get” Emacs, so I’m genuinely curious here.