The Picture of Dorian Spray: Category 4 feared for hurricane approaching Florida

Good idea!

And now Dorian is Cat 5:


But thankfully, it only grazed PR & Vieques while it was still a category one storm.


Yah, aren’t things in Puerto Rico still pretty bad after hurricane Maria? They really didn’t need another major hurricane hitting them.

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As far as I know, yes; the damage from Maria was so bad, the island still hasn’t fully recovered, even two years later.

The last thing they need is another natural disaster…


Pretty bad when the US Pres. doesn’t have apologize for offending tweets.

Good for Kim Campbell.

… and that’s exactly what it is doing, ever so slowly. Marsh Harbour, Abaco, has massive damage; awful video coming out; not even close to being done in the Bahamas yet, just crawling along.

Initial reports from the area around my little place are comparatively good so far. Winds were still too high during daylight for people to venture out much, so I should know more tomorrow. A healthy mangrove swamp in the area seems to have protected the area from flooding.

I always love to see Bugs amputate America’s flaccid pee-pee

Someone should write a phone app game for these people. All that walking would be good for them.

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Dorian has calmed down to “only” Cat 3, apparently. And lingering on Bahamas, messing them up further.

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