The 2017 Hurricane season has started, but Trump hasn't appointed a FEMA or NOAA director


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And everyone said that things couldn’t get worse than ol’ “heckuva job” Brownie.


I expect a Hurricane Donald this year.


Is Bush II’s arabian horse FEMA guy still around? He’s got experience!


I wonder if Michael “heckuva job” Brown is available?


And when a hurricane does hit, we can rely on the liberal media to focus on the harm it causes, and not all the good it’s doing.


Can’t we just protect the country by building a 50,000 foot border wall?


Which government are you asking, the Canadian or Mexican one?




Mar Lago under water filled with sea weed, crabs and rotting fish sounds good to me.

NOAA: Sorry sir, nobody saw it coming.



No need for government interference; the private sector will take care of things. Let the market decide!

“Hello, Comcast Emergency Services. Please hold… thank you for holding. You say your house has been destroyed by a hurricane? We can have one of our technicians come by next Thursday to take a look. Can you be home between noon and four PM?”


“C’m 'ere, Jared, I’ve got another job for you”



Based on nominations to-date I expect that he will ask the Senate to confirm Hurricane Katrina to the post. Or perhaps the less-qualified but more GOP-friendly Hurricane Matthew to the post.


Given how so many of his appointees are there to “deconstruct” their agencies, I think not having a trumpista in place is the best we can hope for.


“When it comes to dealing with Hurricanes, there is only one person I thought of.”

“Believe me, he will punch the $#^* out of natural disasters.”


Unless it hits the southern whitehouse


Too competent. And not cruel or corporate enough.


what about that guy who ‘believes’ god will sort out global warming - he’d be good as head of FEMA, right?


Now you’re thinking like a winner! Bigly! Come on, @Boundegar! Think outside the box like JonS here! SAD!