The plant disease that's threatening your chocolate stash


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Two vente Chocolate Frosty Pod Rots and one grande with an espresso shot, please.

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I chuckled.

Also, massive bummer.


…Unrelated question, anyone know how long chocolate can keep for?

This disease has been around 30-60 years in various Central and South American countries. And yet we can still buy chocolate. I met a grower in Costa Rica (where it wiped out cacao production decades ago) who has selectively bred resistant trees. He now sells cacao locally.

So simmer down. This is neither “new” news or nor a new threat to our precious luxuries.

“Chocolate Frosty Pod Rot” sounds like a nice title for a post-Grunge album.

Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Humanity faces it’s greatest threat. We have to stay strong, people, we’ll get through this.

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we’ll get through this.

Speak for yourself!!!


From my understanding if it is kept at a stable temperature indefinitely. Of course this is for pure non sweetened chocolate, but even then I’d be skeptical of decade old chocolate. Honestly if kept in a vacuum I don’t see much of a reason why it wouldn’t last forever, the only real thing to go “bad” is the oxidation of the cocoa fat. If there are temperature variations you get chocolate bloom, the white powdery appearance on the outside of the chocolate. It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong, nor should it really affect the taste.

We agreed to refer to the “old news” trope as a level 6. Please keep up.

“Frosty Pod Rot” needs to be a multiple choice quiz show question

I would SO BUY a cereal named Chocolate Frosty Pod Rot!!!

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