The Power Donut

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That looks like something the people behind Gartner’s Magic Quadrant™ would come up with if they were forced out of IT bloviating and into punditry.

That isn’t a good thing. At all.



I’m afraid there are morons to be found at every point on that Cartesian plane.

And this looks like some kind of business scam that is so boring that no one can comprehend it before losing consciousness.

I was hoping this topic was about actual donuts.


The world over, the various variations of the political left use variations of red while blue is associated with the right and the various conservatives (blue being the color of royalty and all that).

Supposedly, the US incarnations of (more or less) right and left are respectively the GOP and the Dems, so why is it that the color scheme is inverted, I’m somewhat curious ?


In the U.S. it used to be blue always meant the party in power, and red always meant the opposition, but then people got confused.

I expect there is an Orwellian element to the current arrangement, in that the Democrats wish to avoid any association with, for instance, communism, and the Republicans don’t want anybody to start talking about “blue bloods.”


needs more:


Apparently the colors used on voting maps used to vary with the source, and/or alternate with each election. In the 2000 election, though, there was a lot of controversy over whether Bush or Gore had one, so electoral maps were prominent in the media, and the current color scheme was the one that happened to wind up most popular. It got sufficiently burned into the public consciousness that the media stuck with it for 2004, and so forth.

(Also, I thought that the traditional scheme came from red being the color of revolution/Communism/radical leftist movements in general, and blue being a good contrast. Isn’t the color of European royalty usually purple?)


I agree, it always confuses me for a sec, I have to stop and think…

In Canada, before the Conservative/Reform marriage, all four major parties (Liberals, NDP, BQ, and the Progressive Conservatives) were to the left of the American Democrats. I suspect that this is the case for most of Europe, too.



In wargames, red and blue are the traditional colours for the opposing sides, if there’s nothing else to distinguish them, say on exercises. E.g. 1st and 2nd Battalion are the Red Team for the exercise and 3rd Battalion are the Blue Team.

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I see a serious issue with this chart. The MORONS label should be just to the right of the word “right”


Would you have put the PCs to the left of the Dems? I’d have thought they were somewhere between Democrats and Republicans - certainly rather closer to the Democrats than the Republicans on most issues though.

Well, as far as I know, the idea of “Left” and “Right” associated with progressive and conservatives (to use generic words) came from the post-Revolution in France where those were seated so. At that point in time, red and blue were the colors of the French king, but red was officially presented as the people’s color (being that of blood an all that). So by default, blue became that of the king.

TL;DR; = veins seen through pale skin appear blue, hence “blue blood”.

The purple association came about because up until just this last century good (permanent) purple dye was very rare and expensive so only the wealthy had anything that color.


Caption : the ellusive short-fingered vulgarian, pawing at the power donut.


Every Picture Tells a Story, Donut?


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Gartner’s Magic Quadrant is an important, extremely useful business tool.

If someone mentions it in any context that isn’t ironic or derisive, you’ll need to make sure that person is not permitted to make any decision more important than where to order lunch.

It’s like an anti-shibboleth for identifying people who shouldn’t be in charge of anything.