The President and The Yes Men

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“tainted search process.” Pretty common in today’s world.


And so the privatization of the commons continues. Amazing what a bit of billionaire’s pocket change can buy these days.

Here’s hoping the faculty protests do some good, maybe even get him ousted. Sad how few students see protest as worth their time these days.


meanwhile, budget cuts that have severely affected students, staff and faculty continue.

I keep seeing things like this all over the place. Universities announce construction plans for new buildings while cutting tenured positions and making up for them with adjunct positions.

And even if these expensive institution presidents get ousted early, they get a massive severance that turns the heads of every staff and faculty member who has to fight for better pay while they’re still working there. It’s like higher education is trying to catch up with corporate America for obscene CEO pay and parachutes.


Wow! His four adult children all have “advanced degrees”!

Whatever they’re paying him, it’s not enough!

(Ngah, can’t find a sarcastic smiley in the editor… assume there’s one in there somewhere?)

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The blame intellectual inbreeding among the CEO class. They’ve synergized their way into a religion where their exalted position is evidence in itself of the aptitude that merits the position.


This reminds me of the time a university chancellor met with staff to tell them about benefits being cut. He then asked if anyone had any questions. The first question was, “Will your benefits be cut as well?” The chancellor immediately said, “I’m not taking anymore questions.”

It’s too bad because I would have liked to ask, How stupid do you have to be unprepared for that question?


Have you read most student conduct policies? Definitions of misconduct are incredibly vague. I wouldn’t risk it. Not with the amount of debt I’m taking on.


It’s sort of funny to hear that after that Atlantic article a few months back about how students protest everything.

For the record, I think you are right and the Atlantic has become a Trolling rag, but that is just like my opinion, man.


“How little do you have to care?” is the real question.


This bullshit.

And this bullshit. My last Uni job had an absolute shit-ton of adjuncts who were paid, as you said, starvation wages, while the rest of the faculty got to listen to the garble garble nonsense of a private consulting company telling us how great it was gonna be that we now had yearly peer evaluations in addition to the evals done by boss and boss’s boss. Never mind that, as a librarian, I was being “peer evaluated” by a secretary (among others) in another building who had precisely zero idea of what I did or how I did it.

Of course, I was also evaluated on my Xtian attitude and dress…which were categories that did not treat me well. I mean, you tack one cow tongue to someone’s office door…

I suppose, capitalism being what it is, that lots of people took one glance at the endowment funds Universities tout and gleefully rubbed their hands together while forming their own ‘academic consulting firm’.


As far as students protesting, when was the last time a university made a major policy change that would impact their bottom line significantly because of student outrage (I’m not talking about offering vegetarian and vegan meal plans)? Unless there is huge bad publicity involved, students generally get patted on the head, told “Aren’t you just darling?” and ignored. Voting with your feet is usually not an option, because pulling out of school and transferring is a huge mess.

Consultancies are another way for the insiders to skim off the top. If they actually produce anything useful, it’s mainly by accident.


An additional question is, how many students are going to decide to apply elsewhere because of this? Of course as long as the school is turning applicants away the administration’s answer is going to be “Why should we care?”

I wonder about the effectiveness of faculty protests too. They might be in a better position to vote with their feet, but only slightly, and I doubt those adjuncts are going anywhere.


GSU is on a mad buying spree, but last year, I think was the last year that faculty got pay raises in about 5 years… and GTAs just got a pay raise for the first time (well, in my department at least) for the first time in a decade.

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How has the Atlantic become a “trolling rag”?

Last thing I can think of is apartheid divestment. Just around when today’s undergrads were born.

…[his resume] is riddled with typos…

Minor point, but: I couldn’t find one typo.

If it were “riddled,” I would think it should have 3+, not 0.

Edit: So, yeah, he has typos. My typo spidey sense is shot. So used to seeing it’s/its and your/you’re on reddit i missed BM/IBM and Digorno/DiGorno.

He must have spellchecked it since. But let’s see:

Executing Strategy, LLC

Should be a comma after the LLC to be consistent with the other entries.

Confidentially advise several public

Should be past tense.

Chair of “Building New Businesses in Established Organizations. Member of Faculty I/T Advisory Committee.

Missing close-quote. Information Technology is abbreviated I.T. or IT.

organization. Led BM’s strategy unit that was responsible for

He means IBM.

Pizza, Digiorno, Budget Gourmet, and Lenders Bagels

Missing period after “Bagels” at end of sentence. Also I think the G is capitalized in DiGiorno, but I’m not sure since I don’t like puffy supermarket pizza.

Articles section: At least in the U.S., commas belong inside quoted titles, but technically that’s a style error, not a series of identical typos.

Guess he didn’t revise it after all! Let’s give him a pass on the hideous formatting and abundance of poorly-written corporate-speak bullshit, since he does have an MBA. Your résumé should absolutely be the most proofed document you ever print out. Proofread it three times, hire a professional consultant or find a friendly desperate English major to go over it again… But you don’t really have to bother with any of that little-people stuff when the job is a foregone conclusion, do you?


Good post, it explains alot.

  1. Harreld led Boston Chicken. Everyone says ‘Market’ but it was Boston Chicken, which he led thru an IPO, and later went broke, resurrected as Boston Market. I think that is funnier.

  2. The search is now at over 300,000 to Parker Executive Search that brought U Minn a perverted AD, and lots of other goofy searches. Those guys at Parker crack everyone up. Especially funny is that they store official state information on private servers which they refuse to divulge. I mean, could anyone parody Hillary Clinton any better?

  3. TIER is (in Trumps words) 'beautiful. The Regents hired Deloitte for 3.5 million, to come up with strategy to save the Iowa schools money. You have to destroy the village, you know, to save it.

But then, someone at Deloitte because of (does finger quotes) confidentiality issues got a little miffed at the BOR, so they are suing the Iowa BOR; The Iowa board released some proprietary info of Deloitte – like their lunch menu or something. I think John Gresham wrote this.

The Board fired Deloitte; however in an effort to save even more money hired Chazey Partners. Of course that is a play on words ‘Crazy Partners’. Funny. But get this, they hired Huron Consulting Group. A little obvious there: Urine, Huron. Not funny.

Things aren’t done yet. To save EVEN MORE MONEY the board hired/fired KH Consulting, then hired Pappas Consulting Group.

Without debating irony, you have to love a board that hires multiple consultants for millions and millions of dollars to save nickels and dimes. This series is going to run on longer than Game of Thrones.

After hiring a new President who will be able to stratigize and communicatize with everyone, the BOR hired Terri Goren of Atlanta-based Goren & Associates to oversee the UI communication and marketing divisions, at about 400,000 a year.

Someone really worked on all the hilarious twists and turns of this script. To think of how much money is (NOT) being saved with all these high priced consultants, screwed-up searches, rump committees and all, is brilliant comedic entertainment.