Hours after University of Missouri president resigns, Chancellor also steps down


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I do hope that their collective “golden parachutes” are intact, we wouldn’t want them out in the nasty real world sans a few duckets to spend.


If not, perhaps Trump U is hiring?


HA HA HA! Twice in one day, my boy the future is yours!


Always remember: Hunger strikes, student protests, petitions, marches, none of it means shit. Instead, hours after a threat of losing one million dollars in a forfeit, did they cave.

Hit them in the pocket books.


Kansas Jayhawk weighing in here. I have no love for Mizzou, but I have to give the academic community some credit for this. Deans of 9 or 10 schools at MU have voted no confidence in the chancellor & president of the system, and the actions of the athletes and coaches was just the final straw that let the racists know there was no hope for them but to capitulate. The deans were concerned as much by the academic freedom issues raised by the attack on grad assistants’ health care & MO legislature interference with campus Planned Parenthood as by the prevalent redneck bullshit at MU.


Absolutely correct, former hated rival! (I’m an alum and employee of MU.) Loftin and Wolfe were already under fire for their prior missteps re the grad students’ health care and PP debacle. Good riddance!


Not to mention failing to investigate sexual misconduct among athletes (to the point of covering them up) – one of them involving a swimmer who committed suicide after an uninvestigated sexual assault by football players in 2010.


Be prepared: The people who replace the deposed president and chancellor
at Mizzou are unlikely to prevent every racist incident on campus.


Attempting to make a dent in it would be a huge improvement.

Lack of attempting to make a dent in it is what lead to the ouster in the first place.


Examples please??


Not sure how to prove a lack of attempts; perhaps you should be the one to do the proving by offering an example of an attempt.


You want me to provide examples of the ex-president in the process of NOT attempting to make a dent in the multitude of racist events on campus?

Math and logic are ROFL right now.

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