The Princess and the Pony, from Kate "Hark a Vagrant" Beaton

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That pony is totally whack, with poo brain.


I dearly love Hark A Vagrant, although I wish it got updated more often (but I understand that some people have shit to do other than to entertain me for free)


Hmm, it seems like the princess is too small and weak to fight, but triumphs by being cute. I’m sure there’s a part that challenges gender stereotypes, too.

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It’ll be dormant for weeks and then “BLAM! Here’s an update with FIFTEEN DIFFERENT COMICS see you next month.”


I have not read it myself, but the reviews I’ve read indicate that it’s mostly about subverting power and being strong at things other than punching people in the face, not simply being a powerful asskicker herself. The horse is also the cute thing, not necessarily the Princess.

I haven’t checked out the book yet, but If you read a description of something by Kate Beaton and it sounds anti-feminist, it’s a safe bet that either the description was wrong or you misunderstood it. I dunno which applies here.

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That’s one of Beaton’s things. See the Strong Female Characters parts one and two.

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