The 'profanity pop' paintings of Rodolfo Loaiza



Is it wonderful? Check!

Only in the USA and Iran: Smoking and drinking women = profanity


I can see the IRAN part, but the USA?

Dirty? I saw considerable sacrilege, against both Christian and Disney religions. But I had to search to find the dildo. Can you find it?

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WHERE’S DILDO? - the new childrens book for the children who grew up.


Why do people always insist on claiming they see phallic imagery in Dis…oh, there it is.

A couple were kind of amusing, but nothing really moved me until the end.

Freddie Mercury wielding Excalibur? Disney really missed the boat when they chose not to go with that option.
Should’ve been the first and last idea on the table really.


Yeah, a lot of this is an awfully tame, pre-digested sort of “profane.” Like, the Bambi bit is a scene that was more or less actually in the movie. The one with Snow White and Scruffy Snow White connected by veins at least achieves “vaguely unsettling.”

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Meh. Not that interesting. The Kahlo references were the cleverest part, but even those were simplistic.

If you like Loaiza, check out work by painter Isabel Samaras. She’s amazing! Some good books out there…

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