This 1968 anti-war animated film by Disney legend Ward Kimball is as timely as ever

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“phallic” “orgasmic” “breasts”

…you were warned…

Mark, sweetheart, I love ya but you GOTTA tag those videos.

will do!

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So I’m guessing ol’ Ward took acid, huh?

I want to know what happened to seven.


I agree to the extent that a NSFW tag is…somewhat warranted, but I have difficulty even with that. The very notion of being an adult means that such people are capable of handling adult themes. They can vote to send men and women into harm’s way, just as they can vote for a president who claims he will found a government agency whose sole purpose will be to deport ~11 million people.

The video shows a phallic representation of LBJ’s nose, and 4? 5? times flashes images of women’s bared chests. Be still my twitchy microaggressive heart. I think we can be adults and watch this without harming anyone, at work or otherwise, because, after all, we’re adults.

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There’s a difference between comical representation of anatomy and the actual anatomy itself. You don’t have a problem with it, and neither do I, but my employer is notoriously humorless about such things.

(In b4 “Don’t read the Internet, then!”)

Lovely, TY!

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