Sex message on Chipotle cup


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Chipotle has dry meat.


That doesn’t say “sex.” It’s pure paredolia. You perverts just see sex everywhere.


I think that’s the watch he talks about not a “cylindrical object … penetrating something” although I like your view better. :wink:


In a sense, our arms already reflect Earth’s history, no tattoo needed.


It also looks like the cylindrical object is penetrating something.

It took me a moment, but coupled with the text it was clear: it’s a drawing of the arm-timeline, and reproductive sex is labeled at the wristwatch. i.e. if the history of the Earth was from your shoulder to your fingertips, sex would have been invented at your wrist.

(Heh heh…)


phrase =/= message


You’re right, it clearly says “Reproductive Set


Well, there’s the cylindrical object of the arm penetrating the loop of the watch band…


So you’re saying they need to use lube?


Yes. Precisely.


The arm-timeline concept is kind of confusing enough without turning into a busy psychedelic pop illustration and wrapping it around a cup.

I’ll stick to being confused by the classic weird geo-time spiral, thank you.


I read it as a metaphor for the so-called “biological clock” or “biological time bomb”. Look at it in the context of the rest of the piece.

Edit: but I just looked at it again, and now I see it as a time-line, with the watch-band showing when reproductive sex is er, “invented”. Note man hanging off the tip of the fingernail.

But as far as art criticism goes, I’m only qualified to say what I like.


Where does recreational sex fall on the timeline? Earlier or later?



If someone sees this as a “sex message”, then they haven’t read the other side of the cup.

I really like Doerr, highly recommend The Shell Collector and Memory Wall.


Argh, now I have to go eat at Chipotle so I can get one of these cups!


Sagan for the win!


“It also looks like the cylindrical object is penetrating something.”

Come on, you can try a bit harder than simply glancing at the image. Spend more than 2 seconds and it is clearly a watch. The “cylindrical object” is the watch band (that’s why there are stitch marks on either side). But the clear giveaway was the winding stem button on the top of the watch. There’s no penetration going on, outside of your sexed up mind.


from zero to aroused in less than 2 seconds. It was not possible to look at the cup any longer.


When Chipotle came to Canada, they needed to make bilingual packaging. Bags had an English side, and a “French” side.