Doritos thinks women don't like to eat crunchy chips in public, so it's making a new “lady-friendly” version


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Welp, I guess I’m not a ‘lady’ because I’ve been dumping the crumbs into my mouth directly from the bag since I was about 12. Who lets that stuff go to waste?


I’m a man and I eat my Doritos with a fork and knife.


Ah, the sexist dumpster fire. Although update from their PR dept:


If I gave it any thought, this kind of ladylike concern is probably one of the reasons I don’t eat chips in public, so it’s OK by me that they are thinking about it. It’s less offensive than the marketing decision to make “men’s” and “women’s” versions of Diet Coke / Coke Zero, which aren’t even different products.


my wife is so self conscious about her ‘crunch munch’ that she soaks her chips in water prior to eating. For delicious nacho cheese Doritos, this usually removes the flavoring, so she saves the water to have as a satisfying nacho drink after she’s done chewing on her soggy potato flaps. She’s a real lady and would never be caught making a scene in public.


Sweet FSM, I do hope this is satire because soggy chips are SOOOO gross.


Not a lady here, but…I stopped “licking my fingers with glee”, and eating doritos in general, when I became concerned about eating said fingers out of an insane salt-lust.

I eat unsalted kettle chips only, these days.




Doritos? Ugh. Doritos are for boys.


They are different products though-- coke zero tastes more like regular coke, diet coke tastes like Diet Coke.


Ah the conflux of centuries of patriarchy and the demands of late stage capitalism! Will be sad if they don’t use pink bags.



You would have liked to tour the Frito Lay factor with me, where they have 50lb bags of the spices just sitting stacks on pallets.

@SamWinston I figured this out with those little powdered donuts.


“woman don’t lick their fingers generously and they don’t like to pour the little broken pieces and the flavor into their mouth,” at least not in public.

Hmm - well is this statement based on some market research or just opinion? I am betting market research. Generalities tend to be just that, but when trying to sell things on mass appeal, that’s what you cater to.

They most defiantly market other snack foods to women, such as that Boom Chicka Pop (co-founded by a woman), Snackwells, Crystal Light and others. I mean, just watch an hour of day time TV. But women also are generally the decision makers for what pantries are stocked with. Trying to develop something they like or what sounds like a logical progression. They already have the male slob market tied up, it appears.


Tell that to the new spokesperson for KFC.


Duh… First, when I had a glance at the the thumbnail picture of this post while scrolling down, I thought it was about a new dinosaurian discovery trapped in amber…


Nah, hard pass on factory tours involving too much heat. It’ll give me flashbacks to the tortilla factory tour I vomited mightily in the middle of while we lived in Texas (I was 8 or 9 years old). Turns out I had pneumonia and was running a pretty high fever in spite of it being July, but the associations of overly heated factories and barfing is forever linked in my memory.


Quality snark:

Edit: also, I’m not a fan of any dorritos. I luuuurve me some corn chips, but dorritos ain’t those.


Hmm - I don’t recall there being a lot of heat - but it was a long time ago. I did eat a cheeto off the line. It was still warm. Actually - wasn’t as good.