Doritos thinks women don't like to eat crunchy chips in public, so it's making a new “lady-friendly” version

So manly. Much wow! The manliest of manly.


exactly. i don’t get the hue and cry over this. they made it clear it’s just a marketing angle, they have research to back it up, and it’s not like they are CALLING them “lady doritos” – that was the stupid tag the internet came up with for them.


Oh, really now! I strongly suspect this has nothing to do with women and has everything to do with getting everybody to stop what they’re doing and talk about how crunchy Doritos are. And they have succeeded brilliantly and we can expect more of such ploys to be executed in the future.


. . . “the taste of the flavor” . . .


“longtime CEO Indra Nooyi said on a podcast that unlike men, women don’t like to lick their fingers after eating a bag of Doritos” - San Francisco Chronicle Feb 6th/18

Pepsi issued a following statement saying ‘there is already Dorito’s chips for women, it’s called Dorito’s.’ (from same article)

I don’t like to chew in public, so if Doritos could sell a version of their chips that were pre-chewed and spit into the bag, that would be great…




The flavour dust and pouring the crunchy bits directly into your mouth is the best part. I will admit that I eat doritos with chopsticks to avoid orange fingers, but I also eat my popcorn with a spoon to avoid greasy fingers. I’m just weird that way.


But do you get to taste a corn chip fresh off the line?

…turns out below you got to taste a cheeto fresh off the line. Good enough for me.


OH one last fun fact - all the chips that fall on the floor or other wise don’t make it into bags, get fed to pigs. Real pigs, not slovenly men.


Did work for a large chocolate factory, and they did the same. Also they had trays of chocolates in the break rooms. Believe it or not you can get tired of chocolate.


I believe it. If Russel Stovers is on sale I only have 2 or 3 before I am done for now.

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Diet Coke and Coke Zero aren’t remotely similar, except they are both off shoots of Coke. They are a totally different formula and taste nothing alike.
Making diet for women and zero for men is BS though, obviously. My wife drinks only zero, a male friend drinks only diet (mixed with bourbon)

My mum drinks the “gold” one, sugar free, caffiene free caramel coloured water… (mixed with rum)

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Milk and pumice aren’t remotely similar. I would say Diet Coke and Coke Zero are very similar.

But anyway my point was that there is no difference in the actual desire they address. It wasn’t that men were avoiding Diet Coke because their balls were in the way or whatever. Coke’s marketing goblins just decided to segregate the market for objectively-bad-tasting chempop along gender lines.

(I do drink a lot of Diet Coke, and I never felt ashamed because it was a lady beverage, although I do feel ashamed now I know that piece of shit stable genius also drinks a lot of Diet Coke)


stable genius and ROTUS - Resident of the US

Funny, I was just thinking I wonder if I’m the only one who uses throwaway chopsticks to eat doritos or potato chips and avoid getting stuff in my keyboard. Those who I told about the habit were scandalized…

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“they love their Doritos, and they lick their fingers with great glee,”

That would be because they have the manners of ill-bred pigs if doing this in public. Probably the same people who stand and “sample” things at a buffet by sticking their used fork or fingers into the food right there.

This concept of snacks “for the ladies” is so beyond absurd as to beggar any rational response.

Don’t forget to tear open the bag and lick the interior clean lest you miss something and check the floor around you and your clothing, might be a few crumbs there too.

Doritos aren’t that good.