Two people arrested for having sex on roof of Chipotle


I wish I could come up with something referencing Chipotle-Away, but it’ll take a better man than me.

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Not sure why we need to post these pics - to shame them? Actually not sure why this is newsworthy at all.


0_o uh… unless they were on acid, I don’t understand why this is on BB.


Mr. Suh said that they were collaborating on the development of a fish taco.


Dammit this wouldn’t be an issue if they were cool with people brining in their Armalite AR-50’s (squirrel hunting) and HK MP-5’s (for big bugs, rats) and similar. Ohhh noooooo, Chipotle thinks they know everything! We’ll look what happens - people making babies!

I just thought of something: Is the cop in trouble for essentially acting as birth control???

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Dont care about people having sex on roofs.
What I care about is who is the complete a-hole that called it in!

Anonymous 911 calls certainly have their place, but don’t people know that they can actually ruin some peoples lives? The person calling 911 is literally an accuser which can’t be confronted in court. They should at least be informed that their tip would be used to press charges or jail.


After years of reading/lurking I created an account to voice my displeasure that this is in the feed. (Honestly, I feel like it has to be a mistake.)

I know boingboing is personal and the owners are allowed to post whatever they want. I respect that. If this is really the sort of thing you find interesting and want to spread to others, so be it.

But I’m heartened that other’s have written in to show their displeasure too.

That being the case, I ask that you take a hard look at whether this is the sort of thing you want to share and propagate. And honestly, if the answer is yes, why? Why was this interesting to you? Did you think people would react to it negatively? Do you understand why it seems out of place and inappropriate to at least a few of us?

Thanks too, for all the hard work, and fun/informative info you lot have turned me onto. I’ve tweeted and reblogged and smiled over a lot of it.


I’m all for the occasional “news of the weird” type story once in a while here, but, yeah–a creative picture of a burrito and a taco or something would have been much better than posting their mug shots for no apparent purpose other than ridicule/shame…

Oh, but at first we could see their eyes, but now they’re masked out so I guess it’s all ok now.


Dude - I think Buzzfeed hacked BB!


If they were being discreet-ish–like behind a wall or whatever, so you had to really look to see it–Yep–mind your own business, a-hole.

But–if they were doing it so openly and loudly that everyone walking by was exposed to it, I would be hard pressed to call someone an a-hole for reporting it.

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Seriously? Years? And THIS was the post you created an account to complain about?


They were charged with lewdness, indecent exposure, loitering, resisting arrest and conspiracy and released on $1,800 unsecured bond.


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I’m trying to figure out how anyone saw them if they were up on the roof, unless they were dumb enough to do it next to a tall hotel or apartment building.

Say no more!

If this means I’d be more likely to have sex when I go to Chipotle, then yes.

How did the petty crime section of my local town paper end up on BB? There doesn’t appear to be a story here.


Yeah, who cares? Neither a wonderful thing, nor weird enough to be of interest.


They were on a roof, not in a public park. That means someone was observing them from above. Doing it on a roof definitely means that they were trying to be away from prying eyes, except for whoever called.
IMHO most normal people would likely be embarrassed that they encountered this private moment that’s none of their business, regardless of it’s semi-public nature, and walk away or close the curtains. A few others might take up the voyeuristic opportunity. Then there’s this person that feels that it’s their duty to call the cops. That is lame, and an a-hole.

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From what I can see in the picture, if that woman suggested we have sex on the roof of a Chipotle, then yes, it would take a taser to get us apart.


Well, if they really wanted to be away from prying eyes… an outside roof might not be the best option.

And, who knows? The roof certainly could be easily visible from not only adjacent buildings, but across the street at ground level. Especially if it’s a hilly area, and the roof has no other structures breaking line of sight, and is just a single story.

I’m with you 100% if they really were being reasonably discreet, but it’s not a given. For all we know they could have been flaunting it in a conspicuous manner that got them in trouble.