Lawsuit: homophobic Hawaii cop arrested women for kissing in public


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Cop punches woman. Woman gets charged with assault.

Is it too early in the morning to start heroin?


I don’t think it’s safe to assume they’re lesbian. Even straight women can show affection if they’re close friends. Except that homophobes can read minds, of course.


I’m not a PDA fan by any means but that’s just one of my hangups I have to deal with. I’m much less of a fan of hate crimes committed under the color of law than I am of any PDA.

This is a hate crime committed under color of law plain and simple. Why there has to be a civil suit to correct this kind of behavior is beyond me. Lock up people who commit crimes… even if they have a badge…


Right there in the Hobby Lobby?



“Get a room!!!”?

“ritual sex”?

Yes, let’s all speculate about how these two women were acting, and how much further their PDA might have gone if not halted, instead of condemning the clearly outrageous actions of those who stopped them.


“A lesbian couple were arrested after kissing in a grocery store”

Officer Bobby Harrison is the “little dick” achievement award of the year recipient.


I’m pretty sure the newly minted member @Ericb is pure troll.

But I will say that I’m all for couples blithely kissing in public, lesbian or otherwise, an not out of some pervy voyeurism (not that there’s anything wrong with consensual voyeurism), but because, ya know, the world could use a little more public affection and a little less public hatred.

Also, officer limp-dick needs to go bye-bye from the Five-O force.


Well, that’s a new twist on the Aloha spirit.


This is the why I start my workday with a nice Irish coffee. #NotJoking


Things That Scare Police (updated 10/29/15)

Blinking LEDs
Black/Brown adults and children
Direct eye contact
Peaceful protests


Some times its just a, “fuck this shit” kinda day. Do I have any Rumchata left…?


I quite seriously put a mini-fridge in my lab’s office for this very reason.


I want to know…was said kiss a mere peck on the cheek/lips? or was it a down and out make out session?

This is important…because if its a peck, or something affectionate then this jackwagon is just that. If they were hooching it up for 10 min in the express lane and holding things up…well, I’d have been irate too.

Ok, all joking aside, I am no fan of PDA, but I expect it within reason. A small kiss or embrace regardless of where it is, is completely acceptable. And there is no crime that I am aware of that would have been broken by this act.

EDIT: It seems some up tight denizens have forgotten how to read. So I bolded the above to perhaps shed some light on the SARCASM.


Seriously, why does that matter?

Clothes were not flying off (I.e. it is totes legal), so why does an off duty cop get to punch and zip tie them? And hold them for three days?

Being gone for three days would get me fired. And for what, someone didn’t like to see people being affectionate?

A small kiss or embrace regardless of where it is, is completely acceptable

You don’t get to decide that.



By the looks of a lot of commentary on this latest absurd example of police overreach, it seems we’ve all suddenly been teleported to the 1950s. Until we get sent back to 2015, I’ll be at the local theater, watching the first run of Johnny Guitar.


this could take a loooong while. you sure one movie is enough for your stay?


Well, I see it’s a double feature, with High School Hellcats. That should do it!


Fret not, you can…♪Play It again, my Johnny♫…




The point I was trying to make (unsuccessfully, it seems) was pretty much the opposite, that we do not know enough to speculate about them. To know that it was a display of affection would suggest that we know what they were thinking or feeling. Since I am more or less aromantic, I am acutely aware of how people project their emotions onto others with these things. No, that doesn’t make it about me, but it informs my perspective.

I also pointed out that it wasn’t public, and thus none of an off-duty cop’s business.

ETA: Also, I would be interested to know why people flagged my post for deletion. It was relevant to the discussion. Keep it real, people!