The Quantum X is the world’s first upright water filtration vacuum

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I’ve seen two antique-y upright vacuums that had a tray of water in the bottom, around the late 60s and early 70s. Each time was a surprise–nothing unusual showed from the outside. One of them had an old penny in the water when I cleaned it. They looked like they could have been from as far back as the 1920s. I don’t recall the manufacturer.

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I immediately thought of Rainbow vacuums. We had one in the late 90’s and it was awesome.


funny, I immediately thought “Carpet Bong!”


I remember the Rainbow vacuums too.

The instructions say that the collection bin and separator must be thoroughly clean and dried after use, but most often these collection bins were stored “wet” and not emptied. This moisture would slowly and thoroughly rust out the separator and rest of the vacuum, and this damage was not covered by warranty.

For these poor customers, I would sell them a Filter Queen in its place. This vacuum employed a cyclonic separator so it could hold a lot of dirt before suction would be affected. (This is a very old design and probably the best when dealing with the fine dust from a ceramics studio.)


So some stoner crossed a hoover with a bong? Okay.

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